20 Outstanding Dogs

Molly the Skyping Dog

Molly the Skyping Dog

Here is Molly, owned by Dayna Hilton form the United States of America.

Molly and Dayna have taken firefighting skills to both parents and kids located all over the globe.

Can a dog do Skype?  Then Molly does. She’s Skyped with kids in not less than forty-three American States with a bonus of twenty-three more from around the world.

Here’s the amazing point, Molly Skype’s about fire safety!




Libra belongs to Summer Quicke and they are from West Virginia

Libra belongs to Summer Quicke and they are from West Virginia.

She is a dog that’s certified in therapy and  loves therapy demonstration for dogs and loves visits to the West Virginia Veteran’s Nursing Facility, there; listening to veterans narrate combat stories about World War II.

Libra is an educator, specifically enlightening kids on not disturbing service dogs at work.



Find Cori or Encore in long. She’s owned by Judy


Find Cori or Encore in long. She’s owned by Judy.

Judy had just lost Rina, the mother Cori, but Cori was just a blessing in replacement.

She has an endless affinity for nature. She helps in the recovery of patients with PSTD from among the Veteran community.










Here, we find a dog by name Mork owned by Wallis Brozman. Mork is a wonderful helper to Wallis. Why? Wallis survives with dystonia, a condition with attacks evidenced by involuntary speechlessness and immobility.

Here, we find a dog by name Mork owned by Wallis Brozman.

Mork is a wonderful helper to Wallis. Why?

Wallis survives with dystonia, a condition with attacks evidenced by involuntary speechlessness and immobility.
Mork helps her during such conditions will open the door for Wallis, and remain very calm by her side at whatever scene.



Here is a dog by name Rina and she belonged to Judy.

Rina was a certified therapy dog, trained by the Pawsative Teams.

After training, she served a solid 13 years of helping others to heal besides other needs.

For her owner, Judy had the same timeline of assistance with her medical needs courtesy of Rina.





Here is Olaf and she belongs to Mary from Central Minnesota.

Wondering if a dog can assist students with autistic, anxiety or disabilities arising from development? Here’s Olaf for you!

At the Salk Middle School students with challenges have the benefit of therapy breaks with Olaf, a gentle and helpful dog.

The environment is totally changed around for the students with the presence of Olaf.




Hey, meet Tennile and her owner Trevor Thomas!

What’s it with Tennille?

Well, do you know that there’s only one professional hiker who’s blind!

Trevor and Tennille have managed to hike for thousands of miles.  That’s, Tennille assists Trevor, acting as his eyes!



In freedom and adversity, dogs prove to be man’s best friend.

Here is Booter owned by John Dean from Arizona.

John and Booter form a handy team. Why the team? John is a rescuer, a being with his ordinary senses.

But, Booter is a great bonus for him. With the extraordinary strong senses for sight, smell and hearing, they form a great team.

For the friends and family members to the victims of the Oso landslide, they were a valuable team, bringing in hope, assurance and comfort during the darkest of moments.


Bandit the Smoke Alarm

Here is Bandit who saved the DeStefanifamily who reside at Mays Landing in New Jersey.

More interestingly, Bandit was not their dog; they had just offered to take care of her when the owner (Marta DeGennaro) was out on a trip.

The Destephani’s had forgotten a boiling pot meant to sterilize a hairbrush and they got into bed.

At 03:30 Hrs, the smell of burning plastic filled the house.

There were smoke detectors, which set off no alarm.

Bandit disturbed the Destephani’s until they woke up to their rescue Courtesy of Bandit.




Dogs hate terror!

Here, find Target who was under the custodyof Chris Duke in Georgia.

Three stray dogs saved Chris Duke and an entire unit while they were serving in Afghanistan.

They had befriended the dogs, Sasha, Rufus and Target and as a killer bomber approached the camp, the dogs resisted fiercely biting the attacker before he had a way into the camp.

He blew himself up. Sasha had severe injuries and had to be let go.

After returning home, the story gained traction and a fundraiser to retrieve the dogs Rufus and Target was organized and entrustedunder care Chris and Sgt. Terry respectively.

Target, unused to compound confinement strayed out and went into the hands of animal controllers.

Terry tracked her down and paid the fine on a Friday, unfortunately, upon retrieval on a Monday he discovered that target had been put to euthanasia mistakenly. Here is a Facebook memorial page for Target



Buddy the GPS Dog sought for help and led Emergency personnel to a scene of the fire. Ben had sustained burns on his face and arms from a spark that landed on gasoline inside his garage. Photo Credit: The State Police, Alaska He ensured that Buddy was safe and asked him to go get help.

Buddy the GPS Dog sought for help and led Emergency personnel to a scene of the fire.

Ben had sustained burns on his face and arms from a spark that landed on gasoline inside his garage.

He ensured that Buddy was safe and asked him to go get help. Even without specialized training, Buddy did something helpful.

The emergency services received a distress call but were unable to trace the location due to a faulty GPS gadget, but the frantic dog and followed him to the scene of the accident.

The scene was captured by the Emergency service camera receiving the officer and guiding him to the scene.

Although the garage was fully burned down, Rescuers saved his annexed house.

Buddy received the honour at a Heroesfetecoutersy of the State police, Alaska.




Kiko the Biter from Michigan helped save his owner’s life.


Kiko prompted Jerry’s urgency to seek medical attention for his toe. On that night, Jerry Douthett got into sleep after some beers, only to find his toe missing! Where had Koko taken it?

He couldn’t put off visiting a medical facility any longer.

That was his saving moment. Doctors found his blood sugar wildly high at 560, beyond a normal of 120.

They had the remainder of his left toe amputated. The diabetic condition had left him feeling no pain at all.

After rethinking Kiko’s action Jerry took it as life –saving and spared him from euthanization.

He took on medication for the diabetic condition and also puts on shoes whenever he goes to bed.


Hero helps save Wendy Rankin and family from a fire in their home, Pennsylvania.


The dog had injuries from a traffic accident and left the family with two choices.

Either do whatever they could to keep Hero or euthanize and forget. They chose to keep Hero. Several months after the incident, Hero woke up the whole family with vigorous barking that was not usual, that was around 3 Am in the morning.

Checking on him, they spotted the fire raging in the home.
Everyone had a moment to escape but the house was entirely lost to the fire.

The Rankin’s attributed their survival to their dog, Hero!




Angel saved Austin Forman from Columbia from an attack by a wild Cougar.

Austin Forman was aged eleven when Angel, his golden retriever saved him from a wild cougar.

On the  material day, Angel was reacting uniquely, staying very close to him. The dog seemed to sense the danger, as he went on with gathering some firewood for the family from the hind-yard, the cougar charged.

Austin got an opportunity to dash into their house.

Sherri, Austin’s mother alerted 911 as Angel and cougar battled each other.

Authorities responded quickly, killing the cat while Angel sustained deep cuts and scratches which were nursed at the animal hospital, Sardis.

While recovering, Angel had a huge steak brought in by Austin, for her bravery.



Yogi, a golden retriever from Texas was the Valor Dog of the year 2011, by The Humane Society of the United States.

He saved his owner, Paul Horton’s life after he had an accident while cycling where he landed head-on and lost consciousness.

When he came to be, Yogi was still on guard and Horton whispered to him to find help Yogi left reluctantly towards the roadside and alerted passersby by barking frantically.

Neighbours among them Bruce and Tate knew and followed up only to find the injured Horton motionless

The medical team found out that Horton had one of his vertebrae injure his spine column paralyzing him downwards from the chest.

Horton has since recovered some sensation though with limited use of the arms. His best friend remains, Yogi.



Above is a monument of Balto from the United States is among the Dog’s that have sacrificed theirlives for that of humanity.

He is considered as a life-saving dog in American history. In the image, the monument is in memory of Balto’s heroic acts. Back in 1925, Balto served as a sledge dog, leading others to medical deliveries in through harsh weather.

His heroic trip was to Nome from Anchorage in Alaska in the aid of people perishing of diphtheria.

Balto managed seven days as the last leg where the sledge man relied on the dogs for navigation.

Balto and team pulled through! The medication was safely delivered and Balto being the hero, steering through harsh weather for the sake of humanity.



Here is Smoky, an icon in the World War II era, owned by Billy Wynne, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Don’t ignore her size. Smoky was her name with her marks during World War II as a soldier and entertainer.

But, more outstanding of Smoky’s occasions were when she saved Bill’s life by alerting him in cases of enemy fire.

Smoky earned honours for her bravery and has a statue in her memory at Lakewood, Ohio. That’s near her earlier home, Cleveland.





Rags was just a stray dog within Paris. Private James Donovan took Rags into the unit and made him the mascot of the United States1st Infantry Division.

Can you imagine Rags as a messenger, running notes from the frontline to the headquarters, with warnings of upcoming attacks.

One huge achievement for Rags was at the time of the Meuse-Argonne Campaign.

Rags have been gassed, bombed but survived with slight blindness andmade it to the destination with vital details that contributed to the eventual capture of a heavily guarded French guard-point.

That saved the lives of many soldiers at the Epinonville Road.


Swansea Jack


Swansea Jack was named after the River Swansea, That’s Wales in England. He was a black Labrador retriever though some confused him to be a dog from Newfoundland.

He may be gone, but not so of his memories. Over the course of his life, he made risky dives to save over thirty people from drowning in the river.

In the mid-1930sSwansea Jack started it by saving a little boy from perishing in the water by pulling him ashore.

That continued and he was accorded a silver cup as a Hero, by the mayor in London. A statue was done in honour of Swansea Jack.


Barry the Saint Bernard

Barry was Saint Bernard, appearing as big yet very cuddly bears kept in England.

The main aim of breeding them was to be rescue dogs within harshly cold climate regions.

They went out in twos and upon spotting a victim; one dog would sit on them providing warmth as the other one left for help.


Barry Saint Bernard did achieve outstandingly well with a record of over 40 persons rescued within a 12 years lifespan. It’s the main reason you fins rescue dogs by name Barry within the monastery.


Jasmine the Greyhound


A cop rescued Jasmine from being a stray dog, from loneliness and starvation within an enclosed garage. At a wildlife sanctuary, she survived back to good health.

Jasmine became extraordinary in nature and gentleness. That’s a contrary note for most abandoned pets. At the sanctuary, she made other rescued animals cope up and feel good.


She became a foster mother to many species not limited to puppies but extended the cover to foxes kittens, chicks, bunnies and Guinea pigs. Jasmine even fostered a young deer among the list in her lifetime.

Ramen Noodle the Poodle


Ramen Noodle the Poodle is a hero among pets. Accidents also hit them and they too struggle to survive as we do.

Ramen was an ordinary dog; unfortunately, he lost both fore-limbs through two distinct accidents.

In either case, his bones were got destruction to an extent thatonly amputation could suffice as treatment.

Ramen always bounced back hopeful and became accustomed to walking or let’s say hoping on only two legs.

He had wheelchair aid for doing longer walks. But what stands out most is the perfectallegory of keeping positive, above all adversity.


Glenn and Buzz


This is simple but amazing. Buzz has full eyesight; Glenn has none of that being blind in both eyes. So Buzz is the eye for Glenn and the duo lives that way.

Buzz helps Glenn to the bowl for his food, avoid glopping on walls as well as taking a walk safely, daily. That’s a really true friendship, that ‘I see because you have eyes’.