Amazon Has Filed for a Proof-of-Stake Patent

Amazon Has Filed for a Proof-of-Stake Patent

Amazon Has finally Filed for a Proof-of-Stake Patent.

The craze about crypto is not ending. If anything, we are in a phase of witnessing the huge disruptions.

Now they are in it.

In 2018 they hit an operating income‎ estimated at ‎US$12.421 billion.

Amazon concentrates on:
  • e-commerce
  •  artificial intelligence
  • cloud computing.

It falls among the big four tech companies with Google, Facebook, and Apple.
With Amazon, it not clear with the milestones attained yet. Of course, this is ordinary.

With a huge firm that has the bureaucracy of information within its business avenues.

The sentiments coming from Decrypt Media. They indicated a heavy inclination towards crypto for Amazon.

Rahul Pathak is Amazon’s General Manager for web services.

He told this to reporters at Consensus. “If virtual assets are anything that matters to clients, Amazon would try to get the pint.”

It’s unclear if Amazon will be rolling out their own crypto. But what matters is the fact that the management has seen the sense. In any case, if they were to join, the basics apply for their rollout.

Amazon has transformed the business landscape online.

It’s just blowing out our creativity.

What would they call the coin? Just in case they were to roll out a Crypto-currency by themselves?


Antony Pompano, Who writes daily letters analyzing content for institutions that make investments. He tweeted, “there’s not a large company in the world who isn’t going to join the revolution.

By virtue of filing for a patent, it displays the advanced stage of acceptance within the ranks of Amazon.

Patents are delicate and holders are careful with the rights to the digital assets.

Imagining a huge firm like Facebook confessing their adoration for Crypto or anything Blockchain!

According to CNN.COM, Amazon applied for the patent that zeroes in proof of work which involves cryptography. These two are the core of what Bitcoin and every other huge crypto.

The proofing of work element forms part of network security. It’s expensive for hacker’s interference in relation to Denial-of-service attacks.

Replying to Pompano’s tweet, Bryce Crawford‏ shed more clarity. Amazon’s case is not a currency. It’s a service that requires clients to compute proof of work in order to use the service.

This would inhibit the denial of service attacks. With them, clients need to burn big cash to execute the attack.

What’s coming out is the element of deploying Blockchain applications for system security.
In the end, what matters are the security of the entire systems and services.

Amazon’s reach isn’t curtailed in any way towards installing such features.

The bottom line is that the patent is in the Blockchain. With the Blockchain, came cryptocurrencies first.

There’ll be no limitation for Amazon towards the roll out a coin they own.

Either way, Amazon would have tapped into the Blockchain.

For huge Crypto enthusiasts, it will be great dawn. Amazon to switch to accept Crypto in place of FIAT currency.

That’ll improve the modes of payment.