An Application of Blockchain Technology-Media Tokens-CRNC

CRNC, an Application of Blockchain Technology-Media Tokens


Meet CRNC pronounce ad currency being pioneered be by

Blockchain application has numerous projects.

CRNC and Media Industry

Ever heard of Tokens rewarding media stakeholders?

Well, Currency.Us is at the  forefront of  combining all media  outlets  into one  app that rewards  you  in the  following ways;

  • As a media streamer, you get an opportunity to be rewarded for all the time you spent online, the volumes of data that you have transferred and also advert impressions made by you while online.


  • Being a media content creator, I get rewarded. How, by getting an advert space for me to market my products  and  services

The CRNC App

You can get the app from either of Google play store or the Apps Store.

As a stakeholder, I get a share of the media token during the payout

The share is effected  among all us as per the set algorithm

CRNC pronounced as currency is also offering you free tokens for you to do referrals to some of your pals.

For every member you refer, you get  5 CRNC  for a  maximum limit of up to 400 CRNC  that amounts to around  $ 100.

For the ICO you can purchase the tokens via Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH)

The app allows you to chose your favorite channels and even following your favorite artists by getting notifications for every time they update the channel.

Channels like YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, internet radio pay me  for streaming their content.

You can get their white paper here.

CRNC and Ethereum Foundation

The CRNC is based on an Ethereum Blockchain.

One of the reasons why they choose Ethereum is the fact that it has the back of the Ethereum Foundation which is based in Sweden.

With a media token, hopefully, the entire multimedia industry will feel the transformation, with CRNC.

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