BBCoins From Tradove Network- Transparency in B2B and International Business

IBBcoinBBCoins from Tradove Network

BBCoins from Tradove Network- Transparency in B2B and International Business

According to the Tradove Network, the current B2B businesses are not transparent.

The only way to infuse transparency is to infuse Blockchain enabled Tokens. Find such and more about the Tokens here

Tradove is now around five years and growing with membership.

The soft spot from Tradove is that there are many scammers on the platforms that we know; Facebook, Google, and Linkedin.

There you will find many accounts that are fake; there you will find imposters and fraudulent dealers.

How Tradove will solve that:

  1.  it ’s really hard to be assured of the quality of goods and or the prospective service in the current global market.

It is very easy for the owners to get hind behind a fake account say in  Facebook, LinkedIn or even Google and post some fabulous photos to woo clients and only to deliver below standards after receipt of payment.

So here authenticity and even more of quality comes to test.

Tradove has in place the system to rectify that and match up buyers and sellers who are quality assured.

This will create a harmonious relationship the meets the needs of all the partners excellently.

  1. How about an advanced marketing platform that offers global reach outs, with a hefty access to targeted/ precision marketing.

Tradove seeks to thrive on that specialty, where sellers can, therefore, pitch the clients that have profiles that tally with what they have to offer.

Tradove Network in marketing…

These results in better use of resources deployed for marketing purposes.

The platforms offered by Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are not selective in pitching but rather work under the faith of massive broadcasting in the hope of getting to succeed at some point.

I believe in marketing being key for business. Atleast we shouldn’t  do marketing via those platforms, whatsoever.

Advertising appears to be just a forced aspect on them and as such, they cannot do it excellently.



The platform by Tradove, offering BBCoins and their Ethereum Blockchain will enforce smart contracts that will see each party between buyers and sellers commit more to the quality and payments of each other in fraud less environment.