Become a Freelancer

Become a Freelancer


What comes to your mind when you think about freelancing?


Chances are you are pretty sure or still not very sure.


Here is a list of other names for  freelancers:

  • Remote worker
  • Virtual worker
  • Telecommuter
  • Online worker
  • homeworker
  • Teleworker, all this refer to a freelancer


But, our world has changed radically. The internet created huge opportunities and freelancing is one of them.


According to, One in three Americans is a freelancer, making the sector a critical part of the labor market.

The entire economy is transforming, and you should not shy away from the changes.

Here are some of the basic questions I’been asked severally:


What is freelancing and how does it work?

As a freelancer, you agree upon the deliverables to a contract. When the conditions are met or work done, you get paid.

Freelancing is working remotely. Most freelancers do not have physical offices. You can freelance from home, college, coffee-shop or

at the facilities within a hotel.

What do you mean by freelancing?

Freelancing means working remotely and getting paid for the work you’ve accomplished. As a freelancer, you have an opportunity to

do your work when you feel its best for you. Sure, some of us are night-owls, others are super active very early in the mornings.  So it

all depends on what works for your case.

However, you have to meet deadlines.  Failure to hit deadlines is what weeds out most freelancers.

You have no supervisor breathing fire behind your back to get the work done.  Some people love it that way. You create value and run

your office as the boss.

Grab a coffee or crank up some music when you feel like. These niceties do not belong to conventional jobs


Do freelancers get paid?

Yes, freelancers get payments. Unless you’ve consented to offer free services. The point is, you can help out even if it’s not for money. Here

are two examples of freelancing opportunities where you can volunteeer for free:

  • You can offer coding services for an app or  website dvelopmentfor a charity that you believe in. Sure, they can pay but you choose


to help them out for a good cause and out of your expertise.


  • supposing you are an editor, you can offer your editorial services to a newsletter for a group you believe in.


Therefore, freelancers do get payments. Amazingly, some are even the best workers you’ll ever find around.


How do I start freelancing?


You can start freelancing at any time. However, here is a list of key things you need to get  start:


  • You need access to a computer. Here you have the option of a desktop r better, a laptop that lets your work while n the move.


  • Access to the internet. The internet serves as your gateway to interact with your clients. The clients need work done and that’s


the gap you fill in as a freelancer.


Smart freelancers get consistent contracts since they are always very smart in creating value for the clients they serve.  Over time, the flow of work equals that of a conventional employee.

The truth is, smart freelancing can allow you to work for less time while earning the highest.


Freelancing is here to stay. For you to become a freelancer, you need to combine two things. What are those?

For one, establish a service that you are able to offer competitively to clients. Ideally, let that service be in demand.

Secondly, link up with clients and make sure to make clear your intentions. Your target is to plug-in and fill in a gap within the clients’ business.

Freelancing offers mutual benefits between you and the cohort of clients that you serve.