Binance Futures Referral Code Bonus Template

Check out  the Binance Futures referral code “DEAL.” Here, you get up to 20% off spot trading fees for any BNB (Binance Coin) trades.  Also, using the code, you bag a chance for an extra bonus for sign-ups starting at $20 which you can dedicate to starting your journey with trading perpetual futures.

Read on to grasp more on how you can earn more with Binance Futures by taking part in the program.

Binance Futures Referral Commissionhowtoreferral
Binance Futures Referral DiscountUp to 20% with BNB
Binance Futures Referral CommissionUp to 30%
Last VerifiedMay 11, 2022

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

Details of the Binance Futures Referral Code

Using the Binance Futures referral code “DEAL” you save on a 10% trading fee on trading for the first 30 days. To add to that, you qualify for 10% more by trading the Binance Coin (BNB). Therefore, in total, you are eligible for a total of 20% saving on trading fees by using our referral code for Binance Futures trading.

There’s more. When you share your Binance Future Id with a friend, you qualify to earn the referral bonus amounting to 30% of all fees your friend incurs. And lastly, the higher volumes you trade, the more savings you qualify to earn.

How Do Referral Discounts Work?

First, the DEAL Binance Futures referral code helps you when signing up for your account for Binance Futures. It allows you 10% off your trading fees for the initial 30 days.

Next, take on BNB Coin trading to save you the extra 10% off transaction fees.

Therefore, take note: Once the initial 30 days expire, you remain with one option to save – trading on BNB Coins only. If you target to make savings using BNB, you are required to transfer the BNB from the Exchange Wallet into a Futures Wallet. Please make sure you transfer enough BNB to cover the fees for the transactions.

Your opportunities are limitless since the referral code for two more Futures: COIN-M and USDT-M.

Also for more clarity, your 10% discount under BNB is only applicable to USDT-M Futures. It means you are eligible to save the entire 20% i.e. 10% from your referral code. plus, the 10% from BNB spot transactions)

Looking deeper, COIN-M Futures offers lower fees, plus you can get more on rebates for introducing others especially if they trade high volumes under the VIP arrangements.

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

The Best Binance Futures Referral Code

The most lucrative Binance Futures referral code earns you the offer to get 10% off your fees. It allows you not only the 10% off Binance Futures trading fees but also allows you more when you trade with BNB. Remember, it’s also not limited to the USDT-M futures. Over and above everything, Binance Futures sometimes from time to time offers bonuses once account opening is completed. 

Signing Up and Obtaining a Binance Futures Referral Code

Here, we’ll walk you through the process to sign up for Binance Futures, plus how to get your referral code. 

It’s important to make it clear upfront – ensure you use our signup link. It allows you to qualify for more perks upstream – our code allows you to convert your referral commissions when you require conventions in the future.

 Also, it’s important to make it clear that to access the Future platform, you must have a Binance account already access to the Futures platform. It requires users to take around 15 minutes to open an account. 

Plus, users must be willing to allow up to around 1 or 2 more business days for the platform to complete the KYC verification process. The KYC verification requires valid government identification documents: IDs, passports, or driver’s licenses.

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

Clicking on the Binance Futures Referral Links

  1. Start applying by activating the sign-up for the Binance Futures referral ID.
  2. Log in to your ordinary Binance Account. You’ll have to hover over the tab for Derivatives. Click on it to get to the drop-down option for USD-M Futures.
  3. Next, you’ll need to Confirm Your Account.  A prompting window shall appear on the right side of your window – you’ll require to click on the option for Open Now. Also, this is the location where you use the referral code.
  4. Navigate to the Referral Dashboard. You’ll have to proceed into your account by clicking on an icon pointed to by a yellow arrow. A list of options will appear with several options. It’s a box with a red outline labeled as Referral. In it key in your Referral Code.

Lastly, a yellow button will appear and all you do is click on the Invite now button – which has a yellow arrow.  The final pop-up button has the command to- Copy Referral Link button.  Use it to copy the link and you are now okay with pasting it on another location, plus sharing it with many others as you may wish.

Working with Binance Futures Referral Program

Whenever you share your Binance Futures referral ID with anyone, Binance allows them a 10% discount for an initial 30 days. Along with the same timelines, you will earn 10% commissions counting for your first twelve 12 months. In the meantime, you may deliberately hold BNB to get higher rates along with the same timelines. For those you refer, they too can boost commissions when they tale opportunities by becoming Binance Futures Affiliates.

Here below is a more summarized form of the b benefits each party gets (Referrer and Invitee.

Lock a 10% discount from  trading fees by joining/signing up for Binance Futures via our referral linkSharing your code gets you 10% of trading fees  for all transactions made by your invitees. This benefit runs for 12 months
Get additional opportunities by saving 10 % more for the 30 days initial period – reduce trading fees by using BNB for USDT -M futureRake in more by maintaining account balances  exceeding 500BNB on any day. You get  kickbacks amounting to 20%
 Follow up and become an affiliate – you upscale your perks up to 30% earnings

What is BNB?

BNB or Binance Coin is the native token for Binance’s ecosystem. BNB allows you to lower fees on both Business and the Binance futures. Another way in which it helps you is by increasing your chances with higher referral commissions. You pay for transaction fees via the Binance Smart Chain, plus other benefits.

Affiliate Program Commission Structure for Binance Futures Affiliates

Binance Futures offers both an affiliate program and the referral program.

You’ll notice that the referral program differs from the Binance Futures affiliate program. Each has a distinct structure for the commissions they offer.

Let’s dig deeper into the referral program first.

 First, the Binance Futures referral program rolls out the commissions with respect to your average daily balances of BNB. Without BNB your kickbacks limit is 10%. But when you maintain a balance of more than 500 BNB daily, your kickbacks limit shifts to 20%.

The key point here is Binance referral program has flexible earning opportunities. While in the Binance Futures program the commissions you can earn have a limitation of a flat rate of10%.

However, for those under the Binance Future Affiliate program, their opportunities come with better commissions and kickbacks – which differ from those of the ordinary referral program. With your acceptance into the Futures Affiliate program, you get a waiver for the BNB minimum balance – so your base commission upscale to 30%. In better words, your earnings are at 20%, while all your invitees allow you to qualify for the extra 10 % for their 30 initial days. And that is regardless of how much worth you own in BNB.

Also, at higher levels – if you score 1,000 plus referrals, your referral bonus shifts higher to a40% (Earn 30% plus from the invitees’ savings of 10%).

In a special category, members of the Media onboard with a 40% referral rate automatically plus a waiver for the BNB bonus. Check if you can promote BNB via the platform you have access to check whether you qualify.

Note: Those qualifying to join the affiliate program also get a bonus to access the Binance Futures Affiliate Bonus Program.

Here are the benefits of the Binance Futures Affiliate Bonus Program:

You get yourself an additional bonus. It’s up to 72,000 USDT on a Monthly basis
You get up to 6,000 USDT on a Monthly basis if your referrals take trades on any Coin-Margined Futures.
Free Binance merchandise which includes: Futures vouchers, plus nm more for new user incentives
Priority to have access to and test out new features.

Binance is rich with many offerings for the Binance Futures Affiliate Bonus Program. We’ve only made attempt to cover a few of them. Check out more via the  official link to Binance Futures Affiliate Bonus Program.

Binance Futures Referral  Program Commission Structure
BNB  (Amount)Base Referral  RatesCommission (%)  ShareCommission(%)
500  BNB and Less20.00%10.00%10.00%
501  BNB and More30.00%10.00%20.00% 
Binance Futures Affiliate  Program Commission Structure
Affiliate  CategoryTotal Number of  Referred UsersBase Applicable  Referral Rate (%)Commission Share  (%)Commission (%)
Normal< 1,00030.00%10.00%20.00%
Normal> 1,00040.00%10.00%30.00%

How Can I Join the Binance Futures Affiliate Program?

If you want to join the Binance Futures Affiliate program, the process is straightforward.

  1. Start by creating a Binance Futures account – Complete the entire account opening process first.
  2. Second, fill out an application form and submit it for consideration. Here’s the link to apply: Binance Futures Affiliate application.

Once the vetting is complete and the application is the approval is granted, a representative from Binance will reach out to you regarding the partnership. They’ll discuss how best you can improve on your opportunities by increasing the invitees you are able to sign up for.

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

Rules for the Binance Futures Referrals/Affiliates

You can always lay your hands on a comprehensive print of the rules, terms, and conditions. You can access the copy from the Binance website. However, to save you the hassle, here, we’ll cover the key details in points to bring you up to speed with the main convergence.

Six main Rules of the Binance Referral and Affiliate programs:

  1. The discounts run for an initial 30 days from the day and time you sign-up.
  2. Referral commissions run/last for 12 months from the day and time you sign-up.
  3. All referral bonuses are calculated and updated on an hourly basis. It applies for bonus receipts by invitees plus those shared invitees.
  4. Binance settles all referral bonuses in assets same as those settling the fees.
  5. Referral bonuses plus the “kickbacks” for the invitees apply for their futures trading fees on the invitee’s main accounts and all subsequent invitee accounts in that order.
  6. The Binance Futures Affiliate’s referral bonus rate is adjusted for 90 days, after which Binance Futures Affiliates are required to maintain at minimum an average of 100+ active trading users whose cumulative trading volume is equivalent to 10,000 BTC. If the condition is met, the validity of the 90 days stays up to date and is applied cumulatively o in s rinse and repeat model.

Who can I share my Binance code with?

Marketers can share codes with any prospect. However, for best interactions, share codes with prospects in countries that support Binance Futures supports. 

A marketer may lose commissions by sharing to prospects within nationalities with restrictions. For comprehensive coverage, marketers should refer to the full regulations for Binance Futures Referral Rules and Binance Futures Affiliate Rules.

A review of the Binance Futures Referral Program

While the Binance Futures referral program is quite generous, there are no lifetime discounts and kickbacks. You can only get that via the Binance referral program.

At any point, it beats the offer at the main exchange for 20% off the trading fees for life with the model built on three key pillars:

  • Earning the30% for 12 months
  • Taking on the 10% savings applicable for the initial 30 days to new users

I highly recommend you explore the Binance Futures platform. Get to take advantage of the high liquidity, the referral, and affiliate programs. The entire ecosystem hosts many platforms you can explore to grow your wealth.

And in any case, if you place the pros against the cons, the pros have it for the Binance Futures Program:

Pros (Advantages)Cons (Disadvantages)
Binance   is a Popular exchangeShort timelines   for saving and earning
A Large Selection of assetsBinance referrals isn’t as generous as the  Binance’s spot program 
Very Highly Liquid 

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

More on Binance Futures

Binance Futures is a subsystem of the main Binance platform. In fact, it has its own set of logins. However, you can easily access the separate platform, as well as transfer funds into it from your account of the main Binance account. In line with that, let’s explore a backstory culminating in the Binance Futures.

Binance being among the most popular exchanges for trading crypto on spot came to life in 2017 under the stewardship of  Changpeng Zhao aka “CZ.” 

In the limelight, Binance was very strong on spot trading of crypto, but weaker on other products like Futures. It’s the main reason the likes of BitMEX and Okex hit the markets and took charge of crypto- derivatives in the 2018 – 2019 period. Therefore, Binance Futures is a platform to level up spot trading with futures products for Binance.

Binance pulling the trigger with derivative products has thrust their performance favorably. They had to capture the market volume share taken over by the competition and they did.

Are You New to Futures Trading? Onboard Via the Binance Futures TestNet

Binance Futures TestNet allows newbies the opportunity to try their skills at Futures trading by waiving them the real risk of trading on live accounts without the actual  experience.

Users require to open a Binance Futures account before trying out. Once account opening is over, there you can use the testnet website to open trades and test strategies. 

You should never worry as the environment is -Zero-Risk, you are trading on simulation balances. It’s very important to learn the basics with testnets before trying the same on live accounts

How is the Liquidity with Binance Futures?

Binance scores the highest trade volumes for the BTCUSDT perpetual futures contracts. This points to the key reason why Binance ranks among the topmost liquid exchanges globally.

I’ve had opportunities targeting USDT coins from FIAT and I was amazed at the speed with which the order got a match. Increasingly, smart investors are seeking ways to do cross-border transfers at faster paces and with fewer gridlocks.

You may even choose to partner with a party that can take on higher volumes of trade to clear your transactions in a faster arrangement. It’s faster than you can get any bank hitting out there.

Lastly, Crypto futures keep increasing with variety. Initially, it was BTC and ETH. As of now, many more have joined ranks and the platform can only get better as interests in trades keep growing.

Order Types of Binance Futures 

Binance as an ecosystem is broad. And you can virtually find any order type you could be looking for out there. I looked at the spot trading portal and it’s slightly more advanced than you’d find in an MT4.

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Binance futures offer:

  1. Limit Orders
  2. Market Orders
  3. Take Profit Limit Orders
  4. Stop Orders
  5. Trailing Stop Orders
  6. Take Profit Market Orders

The Binance Academy offers the  comprehensive resource traders need to explore the Binance Futures. In the resource, you’ll get guidance on how to use each of the orders in the list above in the scope of the liquidity risks.

Scopes of Fees of Binance Futures

For Makers, Binance Futures fee starting rate is 0.020%, while Takers start at 0.04% specifically for USDT-M futures. However, rates of 0.015% and 0.04% are applicable for Makers-Takers respectively, and applicable for COIN-M futures. 

However, if you have a valid referral ID code it’ll save you 10% for all fees applicable for the initial 30 days. Further, you qualify for another 10% if you take on USDT-M futures contracts for life, provided you transact with BNB tokens. Therefore, using our referral code and BNB tokens significantly lowers your fees.

In line with rewarding efforts, Binance Futures recognizes the efforts of marketers. High volume trading on Binance’s Futures qualifies for the graduated Volume-based Discount/VIP Program.  At a high end, you can hit  USDT-M futures fee with  0% for a  Maker, plus take a 0.009% rebate from the COIN-M futures

Binance Futures Contract Selection

Binance Futures offers two main types of contracts: USD-M and Coin-M. Each has a  perpetual delivery option. 

Your purchase of USD-M contracts requires either USDT or BUSD. But Coin-M contracts can only be purchased if one holds the underlying asset which acts as the collateral. 

On the other hand, perpetual futures have an expiration date. However, there’s a funding fee applicable for holding in 3-day cycles or funding intervals. All delivery contracts meet settlement and delivery upon expiry which falls on every last Friday per calendar quarter at 08:00:00 UTC.

Explore Binance for a wider array of the Binance Futures contracts via CoinGeko. They include major contracts on assets like BTC and ETH but the pace will eventually increase with more demand for other valuable digital assets.

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

Trading Bots for Binance Futures 

One way to explore Binance Futures trading is the deployment of Bots in the trading strategy.

You can minimize exposure by working the bots way by taking on significant parameters to help open and close positions. The other pivoting thing here is to explore the limitless liquidity and leverage opportunities. While bots are not 100% accurate, they no doubt beat the tedious 

I know of one here, Haas Bot, but explore out there. Find one that fits your strategy and helps you grow an account upwards limitlessly.

Binance Futures Security & Integrity

Binance Futures deploys with the same security features as the Binance platform itself. While we cannot guarantee the systems to be tamper-proof, Binance takes on every special measure to secure the platform and the assets in it. 

It’s the main outcome why Binance rises among the best platforms speaking the crypto-narrative into the second decade running. As a foolproof countermeasure, Binance runs a liquidation and of insurance funds which may apply to applicable circumstances.

In cognition of the fact that security requires plates across the divide – developers and account users, Binance always encourages the use of 2-factor authentication, safekeeping, and management of passwords plus verifying which URL to cut on phishing risks.

With every point above, take note of Binance Futures are a safe way to explore, preserve and grow your wealth. On a flip note, it’s always best to explore the ways to manage leverage and risk professionally.  Liquidity brings in rare but amazing opportunities and only calculated risk-taking wins at the tail-end to afford account growth.

Deposits and Withdrawals for Binance Futures

First, let’s put it very clear here: You may not succeed at funding a Binance Futures account directly, be it via credit card or any deposits from off-platform cryptocurrency wallets. You have to fund your Binance account first.

Therefore, to fund a Binance Futures account, you have to send the funds into your  Binance account as a first step.

After finalizing the finding of the Binance account, you’ll then be able to make a transfer of funds from the Exchange Wallet on Binance) to the Futures Wallet which is dedicated to Futures trading. The other way would be to use the funds in your Exchange Wallet as collateral.

Here’s a Recap of the Binance Futures Account Funding Process:

  1. Send funds to the Binance account via transfers from either credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or deposits directly to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Once funds clear and reflect on the wallet, exchange or swap them for BTC, or USDT. Plus, any digital assets or token that can apply for Binance futures is okay to work with.
  3. Lastly step, transfer the funds into the Futures Wallet using the transfer function of the wallet. A second option here would be committing the assets on the Binance account as collateral.

Take the opportunity today and Sign up for a Binance account today.  Get a step ahead by opening a Binance Futures account also. Use our Code for Binance referral and grab your r 20% off fees for life.

Binance Futures Supported Countries

Most countries support the Binance Futures. The exception is, unlike Binance’s main exchange, you’ll not find any solutions that are region-based. For instance, there’s no “Binance US Futures,” and you can’t be able to use Binance Futures in the United States.

 The other key thing is, that you’ll never find a list of say -an official list of countries supported. The best way to know if your country is supported is to check via the pop-up message as you sign up for the Binance account.

Here’s the applicable rule: Any country running its own Binance exchange isn’t supported. Any country whose residents can access and use Binance’s main exchange is well supported.

Therefore, you can visit the Binance Futures page to check if your region is supported. And in case you already have a Binance account, there’s no need to worry about this hassle you can safely use the Binance Futures features as well.

Click here for Binance Futures Referral Code: DEAL

Summary of Binance Futures

Binance Futures is a thriving investment vehicle, especially with solid referral programs and features. At any one time, it’s a program that bodes well, allowing perks for both referrers and invitees.

Overall, it’s a program that caters reasonably well to the participants and serves the broader objective of Binance itself. As pointed out earlier on, Crypto-Futures are a narrative that is promising as we dive into the future.

As a matter of priority bear in mind that you have to be very clear while opening your account. If you already have a Binance account already, you’ll require to explore the extra feature – the Binance Futures account.

By using our referral code, only then can you take advantage of the cash outs for the applicable circumstances. Following our steps here will make your investment targets easier to achieve.

FAQs on Binance Futures

Can I invest in Binance Futures as a US Citizen?

Binance Futures are not available for US customers. Binance Futures are meant for customers who access the global exchange platform only. Therefore, Binance customers in the Us can use Binance US – which works without leveraged options for Futures trading.

How long are Binance Futures discounts viable?

New account holders can enjoy the Binance Futures discount for the first 30 days. For kickbacks, referrers enjoy that for12 months. However, the BNB discounts are there at any moment!

How can I become one of the Binance Futures affiliates?

You can consider applying for a Binance Futures Affiliate as an individual social media influencer plus a membership/ followers who are more than 5,000. Binance considers ay Crypto communities with 500 and more subscribers. Business organizations need users exceeding 2000 or sites with daily scores of visits exceeding 5000 daily.

Are there thresholds to hit before my commissions change?

For Affiliate programs there are thresholds. However, for referrals, no thresholds are set.

When are the payments made?

For referrals under Binance Futures, calculations are real-time plus payments are made hourly.

What currency does Binance apply for the Futures payments?

Binance adheres to settlement lying Binance Futures referral bonuses in currencies as used to pay for the assets fees for instance, if invitees trade on ETH perpetual futures, kickbacks will be in ETH.

How does Binance apply the discounts?

You use the Binance Futures referrals link or code. Do this while signing up to qualify for a trading fees discount.

How much can I get in terms of the discounts?

All new traders qualify for a 10% discount on fees for the first 30 days of trading.

How can I confirm the percentage discount for my Binance Futures referral code?

Every time you click on the referral link, the discount applicable displays on the sign-up page. It also happens when you type in the code.

How many people can I share my code with?

Binance future referral code has no limits. You can share with as many people as you can sign up.

How can I increase the commissions I get?

You get more commission from Binance Futures by increasing the amounts you hold in BNB. Also, you can apply and earn more via the affiliates program.

What does Binance Hedge Mode mean?

The hedge mode applies where a trader concurrently holds long and short positions in a single account or contract.