Bitcoinus – The One App for All Crypto-Assets



The One App for all Cryptos:

Bitcoinus is meant for reinventing the B2B business arena.

By rolling out a single wallet(Bitcoinus) that stores and transacts with all Crypto-assets at a  go.

Bitcoinus is the way to go and create more of user acceptability for all crypto-assets. (Bitcoinus)

The Bitcoinus platform promises lower transaction costs and an amazing speed for the transactions.

That will be an automatic game changer in the way working capital is managed.

Bitcoinus LOGO



The App will integrate other major online commerce sites like;

  • Opencart,
  • Magento,
  • WordPress,
  • Woo-commerce among others.

Find the Bicoinus whitepaper here.

Bitcoinus: Onboarding and  Safety:

At inception, The app plans to begin with the onboarding of around 100 Altcoins into the system.

Over time more features and integration will continue to take place with development. Eventually, more than 200 Crypto-assets will be transacting with the Bitcoinus platform.

The app values user and developer safety. Pursuant to that, all the crypto-assets and participants will have to be compliant with KYC platform standards.

That will be a rigorous and strict compliance threshold for the Bitcoinus community, for safety reasons.

Transactions and Small Businesses

The Low cost and real-time speedy transactions will be another key factor to ensure that the  app is up to the promises. The fast transactions, taking a record two seconds will ensure that business working capital management is not held back whatsoever.

This will also be a great advantage for the small businesses a to whom little resources held up as debtors form a critical portion of their business and mean a lot to them.

The App’s platform will charge a low fee for the users, much lower than traditional banking systems as well as encourage businesses to adopt Blockchain technology for even the smallest of business around the globe.

Some of the factors why Bitcoinus prides themselves are:

  •  lower transaction fees,
  • is the end to end transaction scenario.

The traditional system suffers from numerous bureaucracies that end up raising the costs all along the transaction channels, hence the ever high costs.

Bitcoinus Algorithm

On the same note, the Bitcoinus Algorithm is not as complex.

That’s when put in comparison with the traditional systems. In essence, Bitcoinus system has four algorithmic steps as compared to eight for the normal banking systems

Among the visions of the app is the harmonization of all Crypto assets. The harmonization will fast-track the transition towards more acceptability towards easing acceptance.

Moreso will the online efficiency and opportunities for the cryptocurrencies. As part of the faith in the Bitcoinus team, they believe that the decentralized networks will continue to increase.

That increase will be both in time and rising solutions and at more rapid paces.

Purchases, Transition, and Revenue

One key thing is that Bitcoinus will facilitate ordinary buyers to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money. Even to the extent of using with their banking cards and store them in a wallet for further transitioning.

The solution by Bitcoinus is holistic. It covers everybody from an individual to even large corporations. They also target to reach out to all the members of the entire financial ecosystem.

In that way, they will ensure that there will be a smooth transition within the industry in its entirety.

The growth in e-commerce has reached unforeseen heights. It’s tipped that over time, the revenues will double–up within the next half of a decade.


Alongside that will be the onward increase in the acceptance of Cryptocurrencies for ordinary transactions.

Initially, it seems a real bubble as less than just one percent of the entire population accepts crypto-assets as forms of payments.

So, Bitcoinus will also find:

  •  massive growth with.
  • the continued acceptance.

That will happen as they vouch for the same acceptance within the population by taking a lead in that.

Bitcoinus: Security and Wallet

The security model of Bitcoinus is realistic to the financial frauds that are rampant online.

As a countermeasure to that, the Bitcoinus platform will ensure that only the user can hold and take control of their private information that regards their respective assets.

In the real sense, the platform has been designed to shy away from centralization of information and its management.

So no single entity will have access or manipulate the financial data for any gains to themselves.

(All private keys will be known to only the particular owner of the wallet.)