Celsius Promo Code & Referral Code 2022 (up to $2000 in FREE Bitcoin) – Celsius Sign Up Bonus

Looking for ways to earn more passive incomes with your Celsius wallet? Join me in this post. I’ll guide you in fine detail. Truth is Celsius, rewards your commitment to hold crypto-assets on our platform.

Our network is stronger with your contribution to the liquidity parties seek out there. At Celsius, we reward your loyalty as a newcomer if you use Referral Codes.

Also, your continued support earns you passive opportunities if you stay with us. From time to time, you get chances to explore our promo codes.

Do you know that you may borrow fiat currencies against the pool of crypto-assets you hold in your wallet? Your chances as an account holder qualify you up to 17% rewards. Transact with CEL tokens, and get yourself better lending rates as part of the preferential treats.

With a Celsius Network wallet,  above competitive rates, we embrace your love for Fiat currencies. In fact, it’s the key reason we give the DeFi platforms a run for their services. Your celsius wallet offers you more than a traditional bank account.

 As one of us, you play both lender and borrower. And you may play both concurrently. On a unique note, your Celsius wallet allows you all functions of a Cryptocurrency exchange. What we limit is the exchange function for spot trading only. All the rest, give you the freedom to deal in crypto-assets as you with.

And before we dig deeper, bear in mind that our accessibility is simple. You can use Celsius on the Web. If you are on mobile, join us via Android or iOS apps.

Statistically, the worth of assets under our celsius networks is $25 billion and counting. Join me as I guide you through all the key steps to earn passively with a Celsius wallet.

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Your celsius wallet opens you to opportunities. get to see how you can earn interest with more than 26 cryptocurrencies. For more, be sure to subscribe to our community news and events.

How to Earn with Celsius Referral Codes

Celsius referral codes help you earn from your efforts to bring users to the platform.

Any user who is new can activate their account by clicking on the referral link you provide. And as soon as the user makes a deposit of not less than $400, you qualify for rewards. Celsius gives you as the referee and the new user you brought onboard $50 worth of BTC into your accounts. 

Process of Earning by Locating Your Referral Code  

1. Click or Tap on a Celsius logo. Locate it on the right side at the bottom corner of your screen

2. Next, click on the Profile button. 

3. To finally get the link, tap or click on the button marked: Refer your friends

4. The next thing you do is either -Share a unique link” by selecting the button or simply copy and send out the link manually.

As a user, please understand that the referral codes by Celsius never apply to accounts you created previously. The codes only apply when you enter them right before an account is created.

5. Click or Press on the button marked “Have a referral code” to enable you to fill in the referral code at the time of creating new accounts. 

6. Once the referral code is filled in, next, there’ll appear a confirmation screen. Next, click on the section with the button “Done” and the system prompts you to carry on with the account creation process.

Please take note: 

Referral links once activated stay locked for the next 30 days. You can only unlock the code after the expiry of the set time. If by any chance you withdraw the funds from the locked account, the contract lapses, and your validity to receive the rewards gets canceled. 

Therefore, as a matter of setting things clear, the referral program is meant for new users who are joining the Celsius platform. 

Two things need to be very clear here. One user can gain using the promo code for enrolling new users. The second way is to make deposits into an already opened account. And any time you choose to work with one and not both at the same time.

Celsius Referral Code: 130717a909 (Get Best Free Sign Up Bonus)

Believers in the future of money as crypto need one platform where the time and holding count. And the balance of expectations can be found under the Celsius platform.

Are you new to Celsius, claim your welcome bonus? Here is the promo code for the welcome bonus.

Use the Celsius referral code: 130717a909. All New Celsius account holders can claim the bonus by using the promo code when registering.

Follow this link to claim with our  Celsius Network referral code for the bonus!

The main purpose of Celsius as a platform is to launch you into the category of those going bankless. We are not there fully but are really dedicating our efforts to help those aiming at eradicating traditional banking and joining the Celsius ‘bank’.

To help you towards the goal, Celsius offers a very lucrative feature – where account holders can earn as much as 17% in returns for the amount of your worth in the crypto asset portfolio. The other way to go is riding on the ability of Celsius wallet to pay an ever-increasing list of merchants globally.

Also, Celsius account holders have an opportunity to make borrowings against the digital assets they hold acting as collateral. For your information, Celsius has its own cryptocurrency-based credit card. Although the waiting list is long, your turn will eventually materialize.

When it comes to business solutions, the Celsius Network provides custom solutions to enable them to tap into the opportunities within the DeFi spaces. Also, businesses have an enabler where transactions are accepted in the form of cryptocurrency. As well, businesses can transact with the network’s native CEL token.

Most importantly, Celsius Network pampers account holders with the best rewards there are out there. More, we’ll share how users can take the opportunities and get the code to receive bonuses while making registrations for their accounts.

How Do I Claim Using the Celsius Promo Code?

If you want to know the easiest of all methods to register for an account with Celsius successfully, use our network promo. This one via the link here will roll you into the best bonus on the Celsius Network. The link allows you to open an account normally while helping you to automatically apply the promo code.

However, users are open to going through opening the account on the Celsius Network by following the normal way. Here are the steps to the process:

  1. Locate the Celsius website and lookup for the Signing Up button – it’s at the windows’ top right corner.
  2. Next, key in your credentials – the username and the passwords. Please bear in mind that Celsius adheres to regulations guiding exchanges and will therefore request you to make verification of your identity as a user. Please provide the details they may request for you to open the account successfully.
  3. Ensure you complete the entire sign-up process. At some step along the way, the platform will request you to key in the referral code. Please type in the following code: Click Here.
  4. Once the process of registration is done, the platform may send requests to carry out authentication and verification checks. Therefore, be ready to comply with the requests to ensure the system fully synchronizes your account’s validity. This step is helpful to enhance your use of the platform.
  5. Lastly, all that remains is for the user to make the deposits the platform requires for them to qualify for the promise of a bonus. Once the deposit fulfillment is met, users can sit back and allow for the timespan allocation to lapse as they await to receive the bonuses as per the conditions of the referral program by the Celsius network.

Next, we’ll take a brief look at the benefits the Celsius network referral program allows users to enjoy.

The Celsius Referral Program

Earlier on we did indicate that the Celsius Network provides among the best sets of rewards in comparison to other platforms in the crypto- spaces. When a user is clear with the registration process and they have an account and a promo code with a bonus, they can now proceed to invite their friends to join in.

Also, users can create their own custom link to make it easier to share with family and friends who are willing to join the Celsius network by signing up using the promo code.  Users should take note that once they have an account, they have a duration of 30 days within which they can provide the deposits to qualify to earn the bonus. Also, once the bonus is due, the cash-out benefits go into the account of the new account holder, as well as the promoter who offered the promo code/referral link in equal amounts.

The other point we need to make clears, once the bonus is mature and credited into the accounts, allow up to 30 days maturing so you can make a withdrawal. The target of this rule is to make sure the genuine account holders exist and they live up to their expectations by ensuring users do not open accounts for the benefit of the cash-out bonus alone.

At the tail end, the bonus a user receives can be used for all features within the Celsius platform. It’s part of the target with the Celsius platform to encourage account holders to increase the amounts they hold by cashing in on the opportunities presented by the referral and bonus arrangements

Alternative Promo Codes from the Celsius network

Once again, we reiterate that the Celsius network offers the best reward packages there are from crypto-platforms. It’s not a joke! Upon completion of registration and by using a promo- code, users can visit the following page to check out whatever active promotions are currently active.

And the model of working with the codes is very simple. Users select a code, view the amounts each requires for them to deposit into their account, and earn the commensurate bonus. Next, the system locks the deposit as stipulated by the promo code’s timeline conditions. When the locking duration expires, users are free to spend or withdraw their cash-including the bonus.

Celsius Platform Fees

After a comprehensive coverage of the Celsius referral program, it’s time to have a reflection on the fees applicable for users under the platform.

We need to make it very clear, that Celsius has a fee model that is slightly different, or let’s better say it practically non-existent. Celsius users do not have an obligation to pay any fees, including for loan requests or transfers of assets within the network. One also significant alignment is, that Celsius makes no mandatory requirement for users to hold any minimum balance in their accounts.

If you place Celsius on the same plane as the traditional banking system, you’ll find the fee charges scary on those of traditional banking. On the other side, Celsius also presents a secure system with a sum of $30 million inside users’ wallets under an insurance arrangement.

Digging in deeper, Celsius wallet holders have an opportunity to take advantage of the native tokens – CEL tokens to take on loans at discounts among other rewards with features on the platform. Notably, since Celsius is a platform without the trading component, its fees are typically very low.

Looking further, if you are a holder of CEL tokens can help you take out a loan against the collateral of digital assets you hold in the wallet as collateral. Therefore, aside from the lower fees with taking out alone, Celsius attends out as a network that allows you to access other benefits, even in circumstances where you do not hold the native CEL tokens.


Using Celsius Promo Codes to Access and Enjoy Free Cash Bonuses

Point to be clear – Celsius will not fulfill your targets with trading needs in the crypto-spaces. But it must satisfy all other needs within the crypto-sphere. No doubt, therefore, Celsius is very beneficial if your targets are holding, earning interests, and clearing payments with cryptocurrencies.

As a user, start using the Celsius network for free cash promotions. Remember as you register an account, the code is 130717a909 for you to lock in the best opportunities with bonuses upon signing up on Celsius.

The Celsius Network Referral Code to earn $50 for FREE and a Referral Bonus of Up to $590 for the Sign-up Promotion

  • Celsius Network Referral Code is 196028baa6 which gets you $50 for free as a referral bonus. 
  • Note: Celsius referral bonus requires you to deposit $400 into your account or you can do more. You can deposit in any crypto asset and maintain the amount under lock in the account for the next 30 days at a minimum.

The beneficiaries of the Celsius referral program in reward go to both the new and the existing account holders. The reward is $50 for both – a new user and an existing referee account holder.

Please note that, for any new user to qualify for the Celsius referral bonus the account requires opening with a Celsius referral code. And in order, they can proceed to deposit the least amount of USD $400 within the subsequent 30 days.

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To qualify, use the Celsius Referral Code: 196028baa6 for the $50 for free as a referral bonus.  The only condition is to maintain your account balance intact for the next 30 days.

Next, we’ll look at the steps to guide you to receive the bonus amounting to $50 using our Celsius referral code.

Honest Note: Online, you’ll come across exaggerations of the Celsius Code Referral bonus promises. They keep misleading users. But the correct amount you earn for referrals is $50 worth of BTC.

Some of the misleads promise to double $50 or five times that at $250. Here Below is a table showing the correct conditions and the amounts worth if you use the correct Celsius referral code:

Authentic Celsius Referral Code196028baa6
Referring User Gets $50
Referred  User Gets$50
Initial Deposit -Minimum$400
Get Paid In(Duration amount stays locked)30 Days

More Notes about a Celsius Referral Code

As you are aware, the Celsius referral program offers a passive way to rake in some cash/rewards when you make efforts to spread information about the working model of Celsius Network.


In simple terms, the Celsius referral code is presented as a 10-character alphanumeric code. You can find it in your Celsius Network account once you log in successfully.

For instance, the Celsius referral code: 196028baa6.  And for user information, please note that all Celsius referral codes allow you as a new user and the owner of the account holder of the one who introduced you to Celsius to earn $50.

  • First, all new users must clear the signing up process with a code that is valid for the referral
  • The new user must go a step ahead and deposit a minimum of $400 into the account. They can do more in line with how much they can afford to lock-in.
  • After depositing\funding the account, they have to allow the amount to stand in the account for the next 30m days or more according to the dates stipulated by the promo code conditions.

After meeting all the conditions in the three bullets above, both account holders (Referring User and the Referred User) qualify for the amount of reward – $50. The amount would apply in higher multiples if amounts locked were higher respectively.


Are There Any $250 Worth of Celsius Referral Codes?

Short answer: No. 

Scouring online, you’ll come across some sites promising $100 or $250 worth of Celsius referral codes. A few others also get to the extent of promoting the lie with the platforms on paid adverts.

Sometimes, it’s best to approach some deals with the notions – “When the deal is too good, think twice.” And on that note, let’s lay clear some facts about the Celsius Network and the referral codes they offer:

First, currently, Celsius offers no exclusive referral program for any affiliates. Therefore, as of May 2020 and onwards, all referral codes allocate the rewards to a flat rate of $50 worth in BTC. And the same applies to the user who successfully introduces a new user, and the new user progressively fulfills the minimum deposit requirement of $400 within 30 days.

Of course, users must note the fact that the Celsius Network offers more lucrative and generous promotions pertaining to very high initial deposits. A good instance is the opportunity to receive $500 worth in BTC upon opening an account plus funding it with $25,000.

Secondly, users must be aware that they are not to combine both at the opening promo for first deposits with another code for say HODL50. The option to stack up against other promo codes incrementally – other than the initial deposit one is applicable.

Next, we’ll cover an explicit process of staking up both the Celsius referral codes and the promo codes.

Get $50 Worth from a Celsius Referral Code

Celsius network users are able to get the Celsius referral bonus after following the following steps:

Step 1: Users can get the following link Celsius Referral Link, and install Celsius Network apps on their smartphones.  Also, users may sign up with other apps like Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Email accounts.

Step 2: Enter the referral code from Celsius on the sign-up form. There’s a location for filling in at the button of the form. The code to key in for the Celsius Referral Code is 196028baa6. Next, click on the Create Wallet button.

Step 3: After completing the registration, the platform will request you to verify your identity. You have several options like using a passport, the national ID card, or even your driver’s license to complete your verification.

Step 4: This is the final step, where you have to fund your account with a minimum of $400. Also, be aware that you’ll have to maintain the balance in the account for the next 30 days. The Celsius referral bonus will be credited to your account upon expiry of the 30-days of then holding duration.

The process to Locate the Celsius Referral Code?

After the account opening process is over, you stand the chance of earning additional income by referring others. And you do that by sharing your own Celsius referral link. 

Next, you’ll find the applicable steps to obtain a unique Celsius referral code, which qualifies you to receive $50 worth of BTC with any successful Celsius Referral who uses your link.

1. Start by opening your “Celsius Profile.” next, locate and click or tap on the button with the mark “Refer Your Friends.”

2. You either copy and share the link manually or share it as a referral link with prospective account holders and friends.

More About Celsius Promotions and Promo Codes

More above the Celsius referral bonus, the Celsius Network offers promotions and incentives for new users. Celsius promo codes keep changing over time and often have the dates of expiration shared along with them.

To be very specific, the Celsius promo codes target to incentivize the cohorts of the new users who signed up without the use of a Celsius referral code. Therefore, if your sign-up was not via the referral code, you still have the chance to earn $50 worth of BTC. Specifically, you add the promo code HODL50 once your account verification process is clear plus your deposit on the minimum of $400 is received.

Note also that other varying promo codes are available and they cover amounts larger than the $400. 

Here’s a link to locate the promo codes on the Celsius network site and among other account sign-up promos.

Celsius Referral Codes Vs Promo Codes

Celsius users have to be aware of this fact with crystal clarity. Celsius referral codes are only applicable during the registration of an account.

 In contrast, Celsius promo codes are activated any time after the initial account sign-up. Some Celsius promo codes that are active are:

Promo CodeAmount in Earnings
HODL10 $10

The list below comprises currently active Celsius promo codes, their bonus amounts, plus the sets of requirements for each.

HODL10$100$10BTCAll30 days
HODL50$400$50BTCAll30 days
HODL500$25,000$500BTCAll90 days
HODL2K$250,000$2,000BTCAll90 days
ADA40$400$40ADAADA30 days
ADA500$20,000$500ADAADA90 days 

You stand Chance to Get $590 With the Celsius Referrals and Promo Codes

It’s worth laying facts bare here: Celsius offers two forms of promos. 

Celsius first-time transfer promos: 

These work only for new users who sign up on the Celsius Network and they’ve no deposits nor made any transfers yet.  For clarity, these promo codes are not to be combined with the Celsius referral codes. 

Examples of the Celsius first-deposit promo codes include:


Celsius stackable promos:

Celsius stackable promo codes are for all Celsius users. They are also well combined with the Celsius referral code. 

Examples of the stackable Celsius promo codes include:


Note: To activate the Celsius stackable promo codes, users need to make transfers of certain amounts in Crypto. Plus, the requirement to maintain the deposit amount in the accounts for either 30 or 90 days, or as applicable as per the choice of the promo code, has to be met.

One key thing to recall is to stack referral codes and promo codes following the order of depositing the assets. We’ll look at some practical examples below:

Correct Way to Combine Celsius Referral and Promo Codes

$590 Bonus (Follow the Correct Order): This is an example that will get you the maximum current bonus combining Celsius referral and promo codes.

Assume you key in the referral code (196028baa6) and also add two 2 promo codes i.e. the ADA40 and also the ADA500.  To hit the maximum bonus;

  1. Start by signing up – use the referral code: 196028baa6
  2. Next, key in your promo code ADA40. And next key in promo code ADA500.
  3. Then, follow the following order in deposits:
  4.  $400 which may be any crypto-asset – this will activate the referral bonus
  5. Next, make the deposit of $400, being the assets in the form of ADA, and will activate the promo code ADA40.
  6. Lastly, make a deposit of $20,000 of the ADA. With that, you’ll activate the promo code ADA500
  7. Following the above correctly, you’ll qualify and earn the maximum receivable bonus amounting to $590.

$50 Bonus this is an entirely incorrect Order:

Please note that in this illustration, we’ll use the referral code: Here. Plus two promo codes: the PAXG600 and ADA40.

Assume you key in the codes in the following order:

Start with the referral code ‘196028baa6′

Next, enter the promo code ‘PAX600′, 

Thirdly, enter the promo code ‘ADA40′. 

And you wrap up everything by making deposits in the following order:

First deposit the $400- It can be in any form of an asset crypto-asset in a bid to activate the referral bonus

Secondly, deposit $400 in ADA. This targets to activate the ADA40 promo code)

Lastly, make the deposit of $25,000 in PAXG -aiming at activating the promo code PAXG600.

From the above case, you’ll only end up receiving the $50 referral bonus. Why? The deposits of both ADA and PAXG are in the wrong order. In case the user follows the correct order, they qualify for a total of $690.  Please note that the promo code PAXG600 is expired as of now.


What are the Timelines and Status for the Celsius Referral Bonus?

The system will credit the Celsius referral bonus after the expiry of 30 days into your wallet. That’s after signing up and depositing the $ 400. All through the 30 days, the system marks the transaction as “locked” in the transaction logs. As we said earlier, any withdrawals in between the 30 days will render your Celsius referral bonus canceled.

The Celsius Referral Codes Statuses

In case someone refers you to Celsius- this is an arrangement where you used someone’s referral code during your account sign-up, the status of your referral bonus reads as either: ‘Pending’, ‘Canceled’, or ‘Completed’. Those referring others to Celsius via the Celsius referral bonus have the status displaying either ‘Locked’, ‘Confirmed’, or ‘Canceled’. Next, is a more elaborate explanation of each of the statuses.

Pending Status

Pending status applies to the 30 days when an account is locked after depositing the $400 of the initial deposit. This is in line with the requirements to hold the funds in the account for 30 consecutive days.

Locked Status

All existing users see referral statuses as ‘Locked’ in line with 30 days holding period.  This is the equivalent of ‘Pending’ for all new users.

Canceled Status

If you withdraw your account balance of a minimum $400 any time within the looked period, the status changes to “Canceled.”

Confirmed or Completed

Applies when all conditions are met and users receive the referral bonus.

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Reasons You Never Got a Celsius Referral?

The first reason is the Celsius referral program is only meant for the new users coming into the Celsius Network.  That’s in line as Celsius offers promo codes for the first deposit by the new users. 

New users/members can use either a Celsius referral code or a first deposit promo code. Both cannot apply, users have to select one. Also, once users sign up on Celsius via promo codes, they get disqualified to use a referral bonus.

Secondly, the Celsius referral codes are of no use for already established wallets. Also, in order of happenings, users can only enter a referral code while creating a wallet.

Thirdly, Celsius referral rewards have a locking period of 30-days. Notice that the Celsius referral reward matures after the 30-days, and you may not withdraw your funds in the same period. Withdrawal during the lock-period results in evoking the rewards, which also end up as unclaimable.

Why do Users Select the Celsius Network?

Celsius Network thrives as a Blockchain-based platform for wealth management- it facilitates lenders and borrowers of crypto-assets. The platform on-boards new users with perks via the Celsius referral program. 

Celsius has an aim to spread financial freedom by exploring opportunities in the crypto-sphere. Further aims at allowing all to experience economic opportunities in an environment of high probabilities of financial excellence by exploring spaces of digital currencies.

Celsius prides itself on a competitive platform with excessively fair interest rates, nil fees, and swift transaction clearance. Banks often overlook the advantages Celsius brings into the spaces.

Over and above the referral program, Celsius Network brings in more special features like:

  1. Earnings of up to 21.49% on an annual basis upon transferring currencies into the platform. It’s a great step to building wealth and having more control over your money.
  2. Do away with traditional banking. Celsius stands in for what a bank offers, but on top offers fairer interest rates and zero-fee experiences.
  3. Celsius is a set of modern tools that come with cutting-edge money management pillars. Carry out purchases, make earnings, do withdrawals and track everything on a 24/7 basis via the Celsius Network’s mobile app.
  4. Celsius network also provides a real-time calculator to show you the projections and probable earnings.
  5. Celsius offers control via all your assets with no requirements to maintain a minimum balance. By extension, there are no hefty fees that may arise as either fines or penalties.
  6. You stand opportunities to earn more by holding and transacting with the Celsius Network’s native tokens, the CEL tokens. However, Celsius never bars users from transacting with other forms of crypto-assets.

If you want to know our thoughts about Celsius, read our Celsius review.


2SILVER10.00% – 15.00%10.00%10.00%
3GOLD15.00% – 20.00%20.00%20.00%
4PLATINUM20.00% – 100.00%20.00%20.00% 


How do the CEL Tokens Work?

Of late CEL tokens have grown faster in value and stand into rivals Ethereum and Bitcoin, although in the form of unpredictable future fashions. CEL has become more acceptable as a token to access the markets. 

You may choose to receive payments, send payments and pay interests on loans using CEL – the deductions amount to less than 30%. Staking the CEL tokens earns you interest rates as high as 30%.

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Onboarding as a Celsius Ambassador

It’s worth mentioning here that – Celsius rewarding model isn’t limited to only the sign-up bonuses for those using Celsius referral codes.  Users are given a nod to participate beyond the Celsius referrals. 

One way is being a Celsius Ambassador. They help with the goal of introducing more of the population to crypto. In line with that, Celsius ambassadors get exclusive to the news regarding the future of the Celsius Network. Also, they can access the contents and promotions limited to them and the Celsius Network’s team members. It’s a way to earn a little bit more cash along the way.

What Activities Are There for a Celsius Ambassador?

The Celsius team welcomes those with unique skills to help Celsius and the team with growth. In the list below, we offer the avenues on how one can onboard as a Celsius Ambassador:

  1. You may help with creating videos in varying languages to help share more about us with different Nationalities
  2. Do you know any products from our competitors? You can help us with reviewing the products from competitors’ platforms to Celsius.
  3. Can you build a website that is dedicated to Celsius? Tutorials, especially those with tones of help to newbies are welcome. They can be about Celsius or how crypto works in general.
  4. Are you a writer? You can roll out blogs and articles on the Celsius network. And this extends the scope to social media marketing about the Celsius Network.

How Safe is the Celsius Network?

The Celsius platform is built on bank-grade security: 

Users of the Celsius platform, data, and assets are secured using layers of protection: multi-factor authentications, encryption plus the deployment of private-key and double vaults.

Celsius uses selected wallets to beef up the safety of crypto assets extending the same to their distribution for additional safety.

Celsius has a backup plan in form of an insurance cover. It’s a cold wallet treasury. Also, the Celsius Network rides on third-party cybersecurity apps, and credible groups of white hackers for checking round-the-clock safety and audits to ensure extra protection.




Final Thoughts on Celsius

Working with our Celsius Network Referral program, you get a chance to rake in easy money when you join our growing platform.

It’s a great fit, especially for investors with an understanding of how scaling works around platforms. If you already have a Celsius Network account, feel free to offer referrals via the Celsius referral code “196028baa6” to receive the $50 worth in BTC.

The Celsius Network presents opportunities for anyone to earn the passive streams of income via the crypto-lending model.

The number of platforms allowing crypto borrowers is on the rise. However, Celsius stands ahead by giving preference to holders of our native token CEL. Our users are increasing modestly and that rises from embracing the use of other crypto-assets.

CEL and Celsius network is generating interest and advantages unmatched by traditional fiat and banking bureaucracies