Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2018

Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2018
Bitcoin opened doors to what seemed impossible, the lot of altcoins that followed its inception. Based on what was proven beyond reasonable doubt, many cryptocurrencies have been launched and each target to solve a human problem, at its best.
Each cryptocurrency has followed the pathway to an ICO and dashed to create value to rival that of Bitcoin on the global charts. The problem statements sought after by each translates into the variables of demand and supply that translates into the fluctuation of prices for each.
As the year 2018 races through its months, here are the cryptocurrencies to watch closely as they transit through the year, with a key focus on their solutions and values as well;
NAVCoin ($NAV)- attained a rapid growth in membership (to over 50,000 users) towards the end of 2017.The coin is unique in enforcing anonymity of its transactions via a dual Blockchain setup, which is attained by relying on two Blockchains, that is the Bitcoin Blockchain, and a NAV ‘Subchain. That also included the rollout of a desktop as well as a mobile wallet.
DeepBrain Chain ($DBC) – offers a decentralized neural network for the distribution of artificial intelligence (AI), computational power, costings, and security for the mining nodes traversing the globe. DBC’s Blockchain has the advantage of privatized, flexed, cheap, and secured AI computing that will supply the global clamors which is settled for in GAS.
Komodo ($KMD) – It offers the ‘Agama wallet’ which offers extra functionalities as an offline multi-currency wallet that is encrypted to enable the users to accumulate all their crypto-assets under a single app.Komodo is yet to launch their initial dICO with another partner named Monaize, as a strategic e-banker.It is expected that when the partnership actually launches, it will be a landmark achievement by linking a huge gap between current Blockchains and the banking fraternity.
Nano ($NANO/XRB) – as a project seeks to fix three weaknesses that came with Bitcoin. As opposed to allowing a public ledger, nano users have a single account chain per user, which is updated only occasionally. As a resultant lightweight protocol facilitates Nano to achieve instantaneous transactions, limitless scalability, and nil fees, which practically rivals what Bitcoin offers.
Siacoin ($SC)-Siacoin is a distributed cloud storage platform that utilizes unused as well as idle hard drives all over the globe and rents out such. Sia’s distributed infrastructure provides an avenue for a competitive Blockchain business with users who compete for the businesses and that determines the prices for hosting.Sia provides a lower cost, low-latency, with more predictability and security that comes as one of the benefits of cloud storage without sacrificing the security controls.
Kucoin Shares ($KCS)- emerged in the August of 2017 as a Hong Kong-based exchange and it rewards its users with a percentage of the daily volumes traded with them.The Kucoin project is a unique and as opposed to turning away new users, it welcomes them onboard. That is a deviation that has seen them increase in the number of users registering on their exchange.
Basic Attention Token ($BAT) – is a unique project that seeks to make an overhaul of the digital advertising fraternity.Essentially, by recognizing the advertisers, the unknown viewers as well those who provide quality content.It is based on the ethereum Blockchain.Through the creation of partnerships, BAT will rely on growth hacks and complex revenue models that are scalable and work towards user-oriented content within the industry.
Theta Token ($THETA) – the token targets to disrupt the way the virtual video industry is run by infusing an end to end infrastructure for streaming. Along the same, the token will eliminate the cases of low-quality content, deal with the very high publishing costs as well as the centralized ecosystem within the industry.The roadmap for the token is a plan to revolutionize the entertainment stakeholders by freeing content creators from the bureaucracies of studios and other cronies within the industry. Theta will also do away with the on-demand subscriptions as well as the instances of third party advertisers.
Dragonchain ($DRGN)-it emerged from a stalled project by Disney and it targets to integrate businesses into the Blockchain, by providing a platform for the projects that need to get past their concepts stage and launch functioning products or services.It is, therefore, a good platform that can blend well with the emergence of cloud computing opportunities. Dragonchain’s infrastructure offers its user’s unrivaled data security as well as increased levels of user verifications.
OmiseGO ($OMG)-OmiseGO is a Blockchain backend which is targeting to link financing institutions, payment systems, and administrations with real-time peer to peer transactions.Based on a Blockchain, products and services will be launched therefrom.
The year 2017 had its noises about Bitcoin prices skyrocketing.2018, will seemingly absorb the shock waves through investment diversifications with the altcoins.An upcoming trend is the emergence of other applications of Blockchains and what that can offer in terms of solving human needs.Also, there is a solidification of the Blockchain platforms, from which other products and services can be launched.
Each coin or token is tailored from a problem statement.The prowess of the ICO teams in project management planning and monitoring will be the critical factor to watch as most of the Altcoins and tokens rollout beyond their inception phases.