Find Something About Dash-The Digital Currency

 Dash, Find Something About the Network

Dash is a digital currency that can be spent anywhere.

You can download the wallet for free.

It offers you a platform to exchange money within the scopes of:

  •  secure platform with traceless transactions,
  • offering users unrivaled privacy.

The Dash network stands out with fungibility as it ’s instant, secure and private.

When transacting with the Dash network, you are able to work with lower fees as a result of the peer to peer network (That means that more power is thrown to you’re in terms of control)

With the  network wallet, you can be able to;

  •         Buy goods  and  services
  •         Make  contributions to projects or  charities
  • ·         Send over to friends and relatives with great ease.

The Dash Rationale

Dash-algorithm works within a network that is full of incentives with a peer-to-peer network protocol (part of why its fees are low).

The miners within getting rewards for offering security to the Blockchain.

The masternodes are rewarded for the validation as well as storing and securing the Blockchain and providing it to the users.

For me as a stakeholder, the masternodes provide a layer of security.

The network clusters them into “quorums”.

Such which are avenues for the provision of decentralized services.

They include:

  • instant transactions,
  • privacy through the governance and,
  • elimination of cheap cost threats.

Find the whitepaper, here.

You can also visit the official website at

For more detailed information as well as a download of one f the wallets.

And by the way,

What about the Masternode?

Ok, a Masternode is a crypto full node or if you like a computer wallet that supports the networking by hosting an entire copy of the Blockchain (coin’s ledger) in real time.

In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. For instance, Bitcoin full nodes are always up and running.

The currency offers you limitless avenues to use your cash flexibly and in a secured network.

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