Freelance Bid Checklist

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A bid is the cover letter you use to make a first impression to a client.

It is therefore important to pay attention to the way you craft one. You put your best foot forward.

Are you a writer? Ensure you weed out every typo in there.

Here are some of the key things to take care of:

  • Thank the client for sharing out their job. Offer a form of salutation that’s not too formal.
  • At the best, address the client by their name
  • Show a value addition process that benefits the client
  • As much as you craft the bid, let it remove the “You” from the narrative- focus on the customer/ client.
  • Sign off your bid with a CTA (Call To action)- communicate your availability. In deeper sense, create a virtual sense of seriousness that can convince the client that you value them and the project.

What’s more

There’s no formal school that will teach you on how to craft bids. The way to create winning bids is to stick to your guns, try things out with different formats. Seek for help from others and learn more in the process.

Eventually, you will get a surefire way to bid and net in clients.

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