Get Kidgy- Your Ultimate Parenting App from

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Get Kidgy- Your Ultimate Parenting App from

The current advances in technology have reached a point where kids have access to mobile phones which they use to access the internet. While admitting that the internet is vast in resources, it is equally harmful, especially to kids. The kids could even outsmart you in getting information from it that is a consequence of the digital age. has come to your rescue as a parent. Do not lose control but be confident with your kid’s internet and phone usage with
So for you as a parent to the kids in this era of internet everywhere, you just need to outsmart your kids, with the Kidgy app. To allow your kids to get head-on with the internet experiences, very safely.
Facts about kids and the internet;
71% of kids hide their online activities from their best friends, the parents; this is a reason for you to be cautious.
Unfortunately, due to innocence, a 93 % of kids will give out their real names on Facebook and 21% will also share their phone numbers on the Facebook profiles.
Where to get apps and Installation
The Kidgy apps can be downloaded from the Google play store and the app store. They come in both Android and iPhone versions for your installation preferences. After downloading the apps, proceed to install it on your phone. After the installation, you have to set up profiles for both you and your kid, next, you are done and get down to work, monitoring.
Why is a great choice for your parenting

The Kidgy app has essentially every ultimate feature to make you a parenting pro when it comes to your monitoring. You want an app that will facilitate you to release your kids into the valuable internet resources, yet, be there to handpick the best of the sites for them to visit and so forth. Let us go through the salient features that make stand out.
Monitoring of messages-the Kidgy app enables you to get a remote access to the list of messages being sent into and out of your kid’s phone. This allows you to access key data such as timestamps, dates and the dates of exchanges. Critical enough, you also get access to the messages that have been sent to trash. With that information, you can be able to gauge the vulnerability of your kids based on your collections.
Tracking GPS locations- this facilitates you to trail the movements of the kid from one place to the other. Talk of positions from school to a friend’s place and such. You are therefore able to trace awkward positions and arouse your curiosity or even be more assured that the places they passed through were safe.
Georeferencing- These feature facilities you to mark some areas within a mapped locality. You can then be able to follow-through with timestamps.If the path traces into one of the known hotspots, you have the liberty to caution and even sensitize the kids. Besides, all this is about their security and wellbeing.
Panic buttons- Who would not like to have information about their kid’s stressful situations? As a parent, you want to keep your tabs on the whereabouts of the kids, at all times. Kidgy app allows you to be made aware of such situations immediately for you to take quick resolutions.
Managing the uses of other apps-This is a key feature where you as the parent issue out the first mobile phone, yet retain the rights as to which apps the kid will access and which ones they should not access. You can block the unwanted sites whilst you make suggestions for the ones that will be educative to the kids. This will facilitate in filtering out crappy sites and your kid will have plenty of time for homework, sleep and daily activities like schooling
Call logs availed to you remotely via the Kidgy. com app-This is a great feature also and it facilitates you to be in a position to monitor the callers as well as those whom your kids are calling. You are able to block unwanted callers and keep those that will enable the kids to grow up within healthy relationships.
The internet filter- This one monitors and manages the internet activities. You can see what was accessed and either decide to block or allow the sites. Most of the unhealthy sites take too much of the kids time. Your internet monitoring can allow more quality time with family and better bonding as a family resulting from more of togetherness.
Daily planning scheduler-This enables you to set tasks according to schedules and you are able to follow up and even assist with some tasks. This will foster the kid into a healthy adult with decent discipline.
The things Kidgy .com assists to avoid for your kids
Cyberbullying—this is a rising phenomenon of the internet age. It is very easy for bullies to follow you up via the internet, unfortunately, 20% of victims think of suicide.
Smartphone Addictions- kids become too obsessed with the phone and become really nervous when they misplace it or just when the battery gets low. It can be addictive, just like drugs do. Look out if your kid’s sleep next to the phone or are constantly texting even while taking a meal.
Some dangerous Apps to keep out of reach of kids.
Instagram- allows users to post photos and short videos. Malicious persons could follow your kids with explicit contents under this platform.
Snap chat- also allows photos and video clips, and also projects the danger with explicit contents.
Tinder a dating app, so you do not want kids starting relationships that early especially with strangers. It’s rife with scammers, online predators, and abusers. Keep your kids off them.
The app is an initiative that works with other partners like UNICEF, towards establishing a safe internet for the kids. Alongside other partners like the European Commission, they team up to ensure a more beneficial and safe internet that is more interesting. The ultimate objective is not to keep kids away from the internet, but to foster their growth with the internet, safely

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