Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency

Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency?


Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency?

Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency

In this post, I cover Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency!

Yes you got it right…

The world has all sorts of practicalities, but of recent times, ever heard of a Government issuing Cryptocurrency?

Well, this is not a farfetched idea.

By the way, if governments were to embrace Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, it will make a resounding difference just in the way it is perceived.

Funny enough we are talking about scenarios of real resistance.

Perhaps here I way cite the Kenyan case where the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) issued a memo on this here.

Okay all over the globe are scenes of Governments cracking down on Crypto-development; of course, adoption has great pointers to the development.

Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency

Now here is an encouraging scenario:

By the way, if I was to decide, all Governments would adopt Cryptos and Blockchain technological applications. I believe it has risks, just like you would approach any other investment.

Now the real thing is here, the Venezuelan Government backed Cryptocurrency, the Petrocoin. Turkey and Iran are also at advanced stages of the same.

Cambodia is also launching a crypto under the project called Entapay.

Joining that list also is the Marshall Islands with an ICO scheduled after February 2018.

So I am trying to imagine a scenario with full government blessings and thinking of the paradigm shift in the scenes. Would the same governments allocate budgetary provisions for research and development and even foster some of the ICOs around.

Just trying to think loudly about Governments Issuing Cryptocurrency!

I want to believe in the power of the people. Cryptocurrency and Blockchains are an opportunity. Although there are numerous problems that are in the roadway to full realization of the dreams, it’s real.

Adopting starts with few pioneers and over time, mass acceptance forces all significant parties to just ACCEPT.

I have never imagined a day when the Bitcoin or any of the Altcoins will trend stronger than the Dollar, or something of that sort.

However, the power of the people is in the hands of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency pioneers.

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