Holyart – When Religion meet the Ecommerce world

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Holyart – When Religion meet the E-commerce world


What about Holyart?

Holyart is your partner in religion.,,,,,,,



It’s true, changes happen around us and we feel the ripple effects of it in a way or another.

Technology is ruthless and it has spared no sector apart from itself. Our very own religions have been transformed by it.

Technology has one advantage, being scalable. It has remained applicable for small groups of people and vast ones handling many users.


Holyart is one of the businesses that has adopted the changes. E-commerce has opened up new frontiers and businesses trajectory given a new lease. Online,

finds new opportunities as well as threats too.


Holyart as a business requires to hit targets. Being in religion has no holding back other than for them to shape-up and roll in business competition with others.


Holyart derives benefits as a business relying on e-commerce.

  •         Embracing e-commerce for Holyart enables them to reach out to customers all over the globe.

When you place orders, Holyart will be able to send our tour package to over 200 destinations worldwide. So beyond the local market, the online platform is able to serve international customers.

The amount of investment for rolling out internationally is minimal when compared to the ROI from the implementation of going online. Holyart, through an e-commerce platform, is able to meet new suppliers of their stockings. When we limit ourselves to delivery only of your purchases, Holyart is able to meet your delivery by partnering with TNT, DHL, and Posteitaliane.

All of them embrace the e-commerce model and each specializes with what it is they do best. For Holyart, it’s the stocking and packaging of your religious products. E-commerce is a business trigger.

Business for Holyart translates into business for their delivery partner. In overall, companies get revenue while in the overall end, is a more satisfied customer, situated anywhere within the globe!

  •         Holyart business procedures have gone paperless through the onboarding of e-commerce.

By investing in digital filing and communication, procedures are initiated, distributed and instantly retrievable for referencing. This is a bold step in the right direction, e-commerce.

Removing the paper procedures saves a lot of the environment. Significantly lesser volumes of trees require to be cut down for paper supply. The trees remain in place to hold soil in place naturally and that contributes to lesser adverse effects like global warming.


  •         For Holyart, e-commerce facilitates the channeling of energy to more critical business function.

In this case, it’s super customer service. Any business online does not get to sleep like an ordinary human being. Serving customers all over the world require in place a standby customer representative. Responses can either be via online chat or emails.

The sophisticated tracking of orders can even be handled by a smart freelancer on call from their home. That means that a worker doesn’t require to physically travel to company workplace to handle any urgent queries. For Holyart, responses to email queries are within a time duration of 24 hours after receipt.

  • E-commerce enables Holyart processes to be very fast and more efficient.

Your packaging doesn’t require to wait for paperwork to commence. In overall, the level of productivity strategically rises. The stocking levels of Holyart are easy to monitor online.

Credible projections are easy to draw from past season sale figures. So, the predictions can guide the management on the stocking level of each product. Alternatively, for items that do not perish easily, it’s easier to restock in bulks and reap from the economies of scales. Better, bulk orders can also be met by the new model of Just in time manufacturing.

E-commerce models reduce costs and create heavy margins for the businesses that take them on.

Benefits to  Holyart Customers for embracing e-commerce.

  • Being online for every 24 hours all throughout a year has several implications. A customer can make a follow-up at any time, day or night. That also comes with any point of location for the customer.

E-commerce model facilities a 24 hours economy which reaches out to all probable corners of the globe. That’s great with religion. As a worshipper, you have no limitations in worship and e-commerce gives that opportunity too.

When a customer places an order, their bother is not who packed or delivered. The focus is on the transfer of values. E-commerce model fosters trust amongst all partners. The customer too benefits from faster delivery modes. For instance, upon purchasing a book, you may choose to access the soft copy first as the hard copy takes time for delivery.

Digital content delivery is easier, secure and cheaper.

  • Online shopping is also another great idea.

You only require some internet connection for you to get catalogs from several sellers like Holyart. That gives you opportunities to make comparisons before settling to order. You may also take advantages of virtual auctions!

Sellers may offer a line of products at a very hefty discount to encourage you to make purchases.

  • Bases on the trust element, Ecommerce product requires as much disclosure as possible.

If it’s a laser projector from Holyart, it’s got to be just it. Tricking a customer is the worst mistake via the e-commerce model. That’s why a return and refund policy has to be robust.

A displeased customer can ruin business by spreading their dissatisfaction online. The customer care team has to be very smart at their interaction with prospective and return customers.

Advantages to  members of the Society

  • With Holyart, you do not have to travel to make shopping for your product.

In total, you make a hefty saving in time, lesser traffic. And, lesser of noise and pollution to the air since your can doesn’t move an inch. Your virtual shopping just requires you to walk to your gate to receive your product.

With online shopping, Holyart makes it affordable to own products.

The lowered production costs enable Holyart to offer you very competitive prices. Of course, you need to top-up for the courier fee.


E-Commerce is a great model and religious businesses should not shy away from the change. For Holyart, that’s a great move and they will remain competitive and even more relevant within the global society.


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