How to Create Stunning Samples Online

How to Create Stunning Samples Online

How to Create Stunning Samples Online

Starting out as a freelance writer is a great step. You are at the point of locking horns with a whole world of being your own boss. That’s it, running your own business.

Consequently,  you can share them as links.That’s whenever you contact clients. As a result, the samples can get you a better bargaining position.

In other words, you need samples that sell your services online. But, how do I show samples? ‘I’ve nothing published online’ should not be a reason to hold you back.

Showing a published sample gives your prospective client a better assurance that you are up to the tasks. In this post, I’ll share brief steps to get you past the mind-boggling phase of creating samples. In the end, it’s simply about how to create stunning samples online.

Let’s go, here are the simple steps on How to Create Stunning Samples Online


  1. To start off, decide on something you believe you can write about fluently. Above all,pay attention to your past  experiences at workplaces, which is great.On the same note, pick on a topic that you are passionate about. For instance, you may have a degree in finance and have worked in the finance field for over 6 years. Do not ignore your expertise. Take advantage and leverage on your past experience.


  1. Look at the  some sites that post jobs frequently. Your aim is to get a smart idea which you can narrow down to and write out a smart article about. There are many job boards and sites with search features to help you narrow down to an interesting topic.

Let’s take a site like Upwork. Search their list of jobs like “How To’s”. Assuming you can do smart How-To articles. Here’s a link to such a job.

Please note that you can use any job board to get you great hints on writing out your content. Writer vary in talent, some have no problem with How to Create Stunning Samples Online. That’s great for your business.


  1. Now assume you have the job awarded to you and proceed to research out and write it out as per the requirements of the client.

How to create writing samples

  1. After writing out, ensure you are very thorough in your proofreading. Pay attention to your spellings and grammar. If you are at it all alone, you may need to take some breaks. Taking the breaks ensures that you proof-read when you are fresh and energized.

Take advantage of online tools too. Use some like Grammarly to help you  spell-check and check the spacing and punctuations. take your time to make the content simple using Hemmingway app.

Now your content is ready for publishing.

  1. When posting out your content, pay attention, be sure to take into consideration the use images.For your information there are many images online and you can create some too.While sourcing them, always pay attention to the note on Copyrights. Since you may be starting out, use free copyright images from Pixabay, Moguefile, Unsplash etc…

I think Unsplash requests that you credit the photo owner(Check out their terms)  Or, if you are hyped up enough, create your own images! Like the on the one below(F.Y.I.  I use Microsoft PowerPoint and it only takes a minute or two)

A few more notes on How to Create Stunning Samples Online

There you go. Post your articles online. For free, use Medium .com, LinkedIn Pulse or and get yourself online. If by any chance you have some free coins, opt-in for a self-hosted WordPress blog(

That’s it on How to Create Stunning Samples Online. Thanks for reading through my content here. As a final note, just in case you’ve helpful ideas, be free to drop me a line.Lastly, let’s keep engaging via the comments below.