How to Sort Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

How to Sort Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

How to Sort Bookmarks in Google Chrome?


Bookmarks in your Google Chrome browser help you recall your favorite or best websites. So, your browsing becomes fun and engaging.


After bookmarking a site’s address, you get a step ahead. You can visit it many times in the future without the need to search the entire internet again to locate it.


This piece will help you to sort your bookmarks like a pro. Here are three of the many preferences available.


Let’s go.


Method 1 – Using the Google Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Using this option enables you to view all the bookmarks at a glance. There are not many menus or steps for you to follow. Other handy tweaks include being able to rename, move and delete your bookmarks as you prefer.


First, locate the extreme upper- right corner of your Google Chrome browser. You will find three dots arranged vertically, and their color is grayscale and click on them.

three chrome dots

Next, locate option number six and choose it actually to select your bookmarks manager

show bookmarks menu

You’ll notice other options include the “show bookmarks tab, the bookmarks manager, and the import bookmarks and settings.”


The bookmarks manager helps with imports, deletion, and editing as in the image below:

show bookmarks

Take note of the appearance of the bookmarks appearing in the form of folders as a pane on running downwards from the top-left of the bookmarks manager window.

By default, the Google Chrome browser has three folders for your bookmarks. The hierarchy appears as one folder with several others as subs. But on most occasions, you’ll locate;

One, the bookmarks bar- it’s a folder containing your most popular bookmarks.

Second is the other bookmarks, and it lumps up all other unorganized bookmarks for you. Also, there may be imports from other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Third, is the folder for mobile bookmarks. In case you’ve logged in via other devices using the Google Chrome browser, you’ll locate your bookmarks via this folder.

Actual Sorting of Bookmarks via the bookmarks manager

You can drag to reorder your bookmark folder.  To do that, just hover your mouse pointer over the folder and do a long-press to drag it to your preferred location.

Actual Sorting of Bookmarks via the bookmarks manager

You can also include a bookmark within a folder by dragging and dropping the link over your folder as the preferred location.



You can sort bookmarks by adding a new folder and New Bookmarks to your bookmarks manager


Here’s is the process:


Locate the area within your bookmarks manager, right below the list of bookmarks. See the red circle as in the following image:

new bookmarks- folders

Next, right-click on the area, and you’ll get both options(adding bookmark folders and new bookmarks. Choose the option you wish to take by clicking on it)

new bookmark folder new bookmark

While adding new folders, you’ll provide a name for your folder before Chrome can create that within the bookmarks manager

rername bookmarks folder

On a similar note, provide new bookmarks requires two options. What are they? You need to give the name and the URL to the bookmark

rename bookmark

Pro-tip: This method allows you to arrange and Sort Bookmarks within Specific Folders.


Method 2: Using downloadable Chrome Extensions to Sort Bookmarks


Google Chrome browser allows users to install extensions to extend their functionality to allow users the ability to sort bookmarks. Sprucemarks is one, allowing sorting by dates.

There are amazing extensions out there. One is the Super Sorter extension has recursive options for sorting. There’s the option to automate some processes, deleting repeated bookmarks, and also merging sorted folders.

the Super Sorter extension

The Dewey bookmarks extension has most functionalities but distinguishes itself with options to add screenshots, customized tags, and smart search options.

Method 3: Sorting Bookmarks using mobile apps (Via  Mobile)

One of Google Chrome’s best features is the sync, allowing you to access your account updates across any devices you’ve logged in.


You can sign in to Google, and you’ll be able to link all your bookmarks.

Once you log in successfully, you’ll find the three vertical dots, just as is the case for the PC interface.

mobile chrome three dots

When you select them, you’ll be prompted to the next page with options-bookmarks as one of them.

mobile bookmarks

Click on the bookmarks, and you’ll access all your stored bookmarks. Select each bookmark to access opening, editing, or deletion options.

mobile bookmark options


Pro-tip: Ensure that your Google Chrome remains upgraded to the latest versions always. Therefore, to check and update, do the following.


Navigate to the link URL: Chrome://chrome/. That lands you to the “About page for Google Chrome.”


First, locate the extreme upper- right corner of your Google Chrome browser. You will find three dots arranged vertically, and their color is grayscale.

chrome 3 dots

Click on the three dots, and you’ll get a menu like the one below. Look through the options to locate the ‘Help” option. Select it, and you will get the option with the’ About Google Chrome.’

about chrome version

Over to You

There are three options to sort your bookmarks via your Chrome browser. There are many other hacks to go around it, and these are just a few of them.