How To Switch between Visual and Text Composer – WordPress

How To Switch between Visual and Text Composer in WordPress


In this post, I’ll share with you the simple process of switching your WordPress composer from visual to text.
Usually, it is set to visual by default and you can switch to either.

The visual composer has one major advantage. That is “WYSIWYG”. It is an acronym for, “What you see is what you get”. That’s it simply, showing you an end result of how the post or page would look like. Remember you must hit “Publish” for the server to save your content.

Back to the subject: here are the steps to switch from visual to text composers in WordPress:
1 Login to your composer and pick on a new a new post (Since our focus is on How to Switch between Visual and Text Composer in WordPress), you may as well edit an existing page or post.

2 Look at the far right of your composer menu. You’ll see the two buttons for Visual and Text.
Below is a snapshot of that.


As I shared earlier, the composer is Visual by default, so to switch to Text, just click on the text button. There you are, already switched to text!

Look at the image below, it’s a text representation of the above post under text composer mode. What you may notice are the icons, they too have changed to the tags and codes with some semblance to ordinary tags

text composer mode

Why Visual or Text Editing Mode

You may wonder why a user may opt for the text editor mode. However, there are some tweaks to a page or post that are very simple to attain via text mode as opposed to the visual mode.

For instance, you need to insert a marquee into a post. This is very simple if you are okay with the HTML tags.

Note: If you are not comfortable with the text mode, just switch back to visual. Do not save or publish and your content will remain as it were before. In case you need some more clarity, hesitate to get back to me, anytime.