Find Key Details – Bezop (BEZ)-An Application Of Blockchain

Bezop (BEZ) The E-commerce Blockchain

BezopBezop (BEZ) is an application of the Blockchain technology

There has been a sudden surge in the technologies exploring the other applications of Blockchain, that is beside rolling out cryptocurrencies.

There is a doubtless belief that Blockchain has more potential than can be imagined.


In this post, I will share brief notes of my study on BEZ.

Join me… Let’s go…

Our exploration zeroes in on the token Bezop (BEZ).

I can say in simplest terms, that the BEZ token takes the form of a decentralized peer to peer e-commerce system.

Its main framework is built on the functions of an ordering management and processing system.

BEZ model will be driven by smart contracts.

Yes, based on Ethereum.

That will be composed of an independent buyer-seller protection service.

Moreso, a simplified VAT collection system all built on top of the decentralized Blockchain network.


The aims of Bezop(BEZ)

Bezop targets to offer open source and complete solutions.

Such will vibrantly transform eCommerce business online.

Vendors can participate by selling products and services.

The selling can be on their self-hosted e-commerce stores (the Bezop Document Object Model).

From there they broadcast orders to the network.

BEZ  implements a novel Proof of order.

That way, it reduces the rate of fraudulent transactions.

That’s for both a merchant and client. To strengthen that, BEZ will rely upon elegantly designed smart contracts.

The smart contracts will be powered by the Ethereum Blockchain and secured cryptographically.

Merchants can collect vat and accurately manage orders.


Bezop’s a packaged solution by itself.

If you are running an e-commerce business, this is for you.

It’s accommodative for both upcoming and the very expert users.

Can I put it this way;”Bezop will provide the following”:

  • One, a very reliable and secure platform the is very reliable and very secure
  • Two, all things planned for the future, organized with perfection
  • Three, numerous  features that  are very simple to use or even customize

Over time, users are increasingly demanding more transparency. The same forces are apparent for e-commerce domains.

My question is …is BEZ will be the solution?

From my look of things, it appears to be…I give it a very high probability, personally.



As a result of its niche, BEZ has huge targets.

Hopefully, the entire rollout of Bezop will be great.

Most importantly is the awaited transformations.

It’ll be breathtaking to witness this shift, natured by the internet and the Blockchain.

To finalize, of equal importance is the full realization of BEZ.

Personally and comparatively, I see BEZ as a very simple yet very complex conceptualization.

On the contrary, could it be that next giant offspring of the Blockchain technology, probably?

Only time will tell its actual growth.

Do you have any recommendations, critics or reservations?

As I always say…and always…

I welcome them, via the comments section below.