Tips to help you land golden clients on upwork

Land Golden Clients on Upwork

Tips to Land Golden Clients on Upwork

So you’ve joined Upwork… Congratulations!

That’s where it begins. Why am I congratulating you? A big bunch of us fail in the very first step in starting out our freelance journey. It’s taking action!

See, many people think too much, and more worse take days … just thinking. That’s the ailment referred to as “procrastination”. It is a killer of dreams

The difference between you and a thinker is that you are a step ahead, so once again Congratulation!

Now, let’s focus back to the main point. Here are six tips that I’ve personally tested and they work o Upwork. Sifting and landing a great client needs not be an uphill task for you.

You just need to follow the following simple points  to Land Golden Clients on Upwork

1. Ensure that your prospective client has a verified payment method. Do your due diligence! I keep off all clients with unverified payment methods. The bottom line is every serious client should not make that assumption.

Freelancers value it and appreciate it when you Land Golden Clients on Upwork payment verified

2.The second note regards how the client rated in overall. By the blink of you eye, you can tell that. How? Upwork gives you reviews of all past engagements with Clients and past freelancers.

Good reviews


This is one point that makes Upwork to stand out. After every engagement, both client and freelancer have an opportunity to offer reviews based on a scale of 1 to 5.

3.Consider their total payments over time on the platform. Here you ask brief questions. Have they stayed long on the platform? Have they paid a good sum to freelancers? If you connect the two, you’ll over time be able to have an instant feel of whom your ideal client is.

Amount spent in total

4.What do other freelancers say about the client? Look at the capture below. Both Timothy and Tabitha are in good terms after engagement. So the catch would be, more engagement, more projects and more client satisfaction.

five stars

In the end, every party wins. If Tabitha is to float more projects in the future, the first freelancer to consider would be Timothy via invitation. More so, Nothing prevents Tabitha from awarding more work to Timothy, based on the pleasant engagements in the past

More Tips to Land Golden Clients on Upwork

5.Crafting a good proposal. This is a point I will not dwell on too much. Needless to say, it carries the day. First, do not ever copy-paste proposals! Cultivate the habit of developing one from scratch. For established freelancers, it’s no problem if you have a template that works magic for you, go with it.

6. Take your time to read the proposal; seek to understand what the client requires. In your proposal, address the key notes that the client requires. Some clients write long job descriptions, and that works best to your advantage. My point would be, do not target to hit many proposals in a day. Your target should be to create value in your proposals.

It’s a whole wide world. If you stand out, your proposal would whisper, whatever exactly the client needs. Noteworthy, some freelancers have been re-hired for pleasant communications. Take advantage of it. Who doesn’t feel good engaging with respectful personalities?

Take away Land Golden Clients on Upwork

Landing golden clients is not rocket science, but it requires your hard work. If you crate value by offering yourself as a solution to client needs, that’s it.

Remember, all Upwokers are subject to Upwork terms and policies. Utmost, never agree to receive payment outside the platform. Any comments, please share them below and keep us updated.