Can You Microwave Kidney Beans?

Microwave Kidney Beans?

Can You Microwave Kidney Beans?

A quick answer is yes.

Beans for a good source of protein from dry foods. The downside comes when you enjoy taking them but dislike the time it takes you to prepare them. Sure, under ordinary circumstances, it takes longer to cook them.

What’s the solution?

You can drastically shorten the time it takes for you to have your kidney beans ready. The solution is to use a microwave.

How to Microwave Your Kidney Beans

Start by sorting out your kidney beans, ideally checking out for debris and some of the seeds that may be deformed, rotten or broken. After sorting, wash them under cold water, rinsing thoroughly. Since they are dry and hard, soak them overnight to soften them. The soaking allows the kidney beans to absorb water in disguise of germination. The coverings soften and the inner too, and that allows you to consume lesser energy in your cooking. The shorter cooking durations also assist in nutrient preservation, so you get the best nutritional value from the cooking process.

Set your kidney beans in a safe container and add water, covering then and put in the microwave. To start off, heat the intensively and when the water boils, allow around ten minutes. Take caution however if your target is to prepare a smaller portion of beans. Smaller portions require you to keep a closer look preferably from 5 minutes onwards. In each case, stir them up after the initial ten minutes and get them another phase of between 10 to 15 minutes of cooking as you keep an eye after every interval of 5 minutes. To test if your kidney beans are ready, take out a bean and carefully press it between the thumb and index finger. If the seed is soft enough, they are ready.

Last point:

Kidney beans do not have to be off your menu for the time it takes you to prepare them. Use the microwave to get them ready. They can be served singly or used as sauces among other foods.