Monero (XMR) Anonymous Solution Crypto-Payments

Monero abbreviated (XMR)

Monero abbreviated as”XMR” is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies launched in 2014.

XMR focuses more on privacy and decentralization when put in comparison to other cryptocurrencies.

More specifically is its objective to improve on cryptocurrency design.

To be specific, by the deployment (Monero)of obfuscation.

The aim is to reinforce the concealed activities of the users and miners that is besides its use of  Blockchain.

So it becomes hard to trace origin and destination of a transaction.

Therefore, neither the sender nor receiver of Monero and the amount transacted are traceable.



More to this, it aims to inject more equalization in the mining if the coins.

A trend that has turned the distributed XMR(Monero) mining to attract finding from both legitimate parties and also hackers.

It is designed to run on several operating systems inclusive of windows, macOS, Android, and  FreeBSD.

Due to the high levels of privacy attached to monero, it has become a darling cryptocurrency among cartels and criminals in their activities.

Illegally mining of Monero exists.

The illegal miners use malware embedded into apps and websites of victimized computer resources.

This results in the excess consumption of power by the CPU.

Owners of PCs foot the power bill.

The Architectural Design

The monero cryptocurrency is based on CryptoNight proof-of-work hash algorithm.

That comes from the CryptoNote protocol.

The protocol allows for great obfuscation.

And then higher privacy to the tune that the transactions are untraceable.

Transactions remain untraceable even within the public ledgers.

That’s a rare feature among most cryptocurrencies.

XMR and Ring Signatures

Ideally is the ability on XMR to use the Ring Signatures acts to its advantage.

That makes it hard for any users to associate to any transaction and its amount.

Its that infrastructural combination with stealth addresses that yields the untraceable final destinations.

XMR is resistant to ASIC mining which is common to other cryptocurrencies.

In September of 2013, hacking was done on XMR.

They exploited a flaw in cryptonote itself.

The developers patched up the system to adopt two hard forks concurrently.

XMR’s Three Key Features

So essentially, XMR works with three features to enforce the privacy protection of users and investors;

  1. The Ring Signature:

It enables the hiding of transaction output

  1. Stealthiness of addresses

It facilitates the hiding of the recipient address, and

  1.  The ring CT

To hide the amounts transacted.

The hiding of the transaction amount is a great contrast.

That’s when compared to the other Blockchain. Some like Bitcoins’sdo show the amount.

(In Bitcoin, the amounts sent can be traced via addresses)

Therefore, we can settle for it that XMR is “private, optionally transparent”.

The users  work with two sets of keys;

One is the:

  •   “view key” and

the second one is the

  •   “spend key”.

The view key is separately shareable to facilitate optional transparency.

Developers on mobile devices generically take that for easing the procedures.

That’s because it’s impossible to calculate an accurate wallet balance without a spend key.




monero logo

About the wallet

The XMR wallet is the client software that facilitates your interactions.

All the interactions are within the nodes within the XMR networks.

There are three distinct parts that compose up the XMR wallet.

Each part composes up the  functionality of it entirely;

1. The XMR software daemon, that’s s predominantly referred to as  XMR.

This is the part that reads and claims users transactions.

2. Secondly, bit is the XMR Wallet Cli as the part that manages the user account.

This is for that is the wallet address and generating new transactions.

3. The third is the  XMR GUI(Graphical User Inter-phase).

It  facilitates the user’s interactions with the  above two  by simplifying the  codes into relatively easier infographic s(or icons)

Recent Crime Scenarios for XMR

The ability of XMR to transact without a trace has attracted great preferences.

On the wrong side, XMR as a cryptocurrency favors criminal activities.

In the year 2017 alone, a  ransomware known by the name of  WannaCry was released into the internet.

It ended up hitting a good number of computers.

The criminals behind it were demanding payments via XMR.

The catch behind this (XMR vs bitcoin ) . To obtain the  XMR payment and convert it onto Bitcoins.

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