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My Memories:AFCON 2019

Without any spec of doubt, sports is one of the greatest unifiers of all time.

I find myself absorbed by this sooo much.

And I want to believe that I’m not alone in this… So as many as are of a similar opinion… Say I….. And as many as are of contrary opinion say, Nay.

The ‘I’s have it!

Let’s revisit the fantasy in football. Sorry, the betting firms in Kenya have been shredded up, but no worries. You better…Chukua jembe na panga….. Twende shamba… sorry anyway.

Remember I got the mouse and the keyboard, so I rule how the scene goes!

Football fantasy:

Back in 1998, we witnessed the power in football, still on Afcon.  Egypt overpowered South Africa to carry home that prestigious African Award.

But that was just a warm-up for the football funs that year.

Source: Wikipedia

Now came June-July1998 and that was it, France 1998 world Cup. Man and teams locked horns.

1998 FIFA World Cup official logo
Source: Wikipedia

One of the hardest match that had to be decided on penalties: Brazil and Netherlands semi-final:

Somehow, I believed the strongest team was either Brazil or the Netherlands. Brazil put their best foot forward and the Netherlands put their best headers highest. But things happened and the Netherlands went home peacefully. But that’s football; we celebrate and celebrate… some curse and curse if you lost your bet or something.

Source:FIFA 1998

But champions will always carry the day so back to WC 1998 when I though Brazil were the Best France did their part; thrashing Brazil 3 nil on an uneventful final. So France carried the day. But I pay my memories to France 98 with that Quarter Finale. To me, it was the real Finals

Now, let’s revisit Afcon 2019!


I was damn tired and never watched the Group C matches (Yes you can have a long day sometimes and it happens) But I’d also be quick enough to quip that my final for this was the Kenyan win over our brothers Tanzania (I watched that one fulltime, holding tightly onto a fist of Kenyan soil)

So one colleague of mine told me, simple; Algeria will win over Senegal.

 And I was like Nooooo! Senegal will bounce back … you know the under-dog thing.

Let’s have a look at this over again.

So, long story Short: Champions will always be champions… and always the best team wins!

When we Kenya and TZ left at group stages, it was unknown unto us that out ground had the champion and the runner up. Should we have JUST let them be? No and Never!


Algeria hit Senegal 1 nil Had we a credible teller of the future, everybody should’ve packed and left it at that point.

So finals again, contestants from Group C: Algeria 1: Senegal 0


So, dude, I’ll be sending my bet losses over via MPESA.