Navigating The Thin Line Between Computerized System and Internal Control System

If you are starting out on business, you have to be there to make significant decisions at least to ensure that your business is running towards your intended trends.The business world today is very risky, but on the same, those risks come with opportunities too.Part of risk management involves mitigating within the businesses internal environment, that should be adequately attained under a model ICS.

The ICS should broadly control all business risks
Computerising systems goes beyond the accounting to other frontiers like stock control, workflow automation among others.

When you are fully established, you do not want to loose on an opportunity, because that will be lost business and revenue.Computerizing your business systems is a great plus, but it should not conflict with the internal control system (ICS) of your business.The maxim here is to be smart-create a win -win scenario for both to thrive and form even stronger pillars for your business.

Computers have been around for some good time now and their benefits to the business landscape are marvelous.What a business manager will need to is a higher level of the knowledge required to figure out whether or not a business system will not only be fit for the business but also add value to the current ICS.

When computerizing, the possible compromises with the ICS should be foreseen and resolved harmoniously. Here it should be well understood that the target of the ICS is to facilitate the operational, tactical mand managerial functions and better still., computerising raises that efficiency and effectiveness to a better sphere (without compromising the ICS)