perfect rent price

How to set the perfect rent price for a rental property

The perfect rent price?

Let’stalk about it.

Owning rental property is a great avenue to rake in incomes passively. A caveat to that is majorly based on the pricing of your units.

Keeping in mind that tenants want the best deals for the lowest price, while you too want the best-highest charges to raise your cash inflows. A perfect price for a rental offers a win-win scenario for both you as a landlord and your tenant with reasonable cash flows.

Don’t Charge too Low!

Charging too low will end up in accumulated losses of revenue while, if you charge too high, no tenant will accept that and your units remain vacant for too long.

It’s a good idea to charge a higher price, your investments are worth, but clients are smart too and they will even notice when your price is a misfit for the neighborhood itself. So avoiding vacant properties is a prime goal since you want to utmost get some income every other end of the month.

A competitive price(perfect rent price) for your rental can save you huge losses in both time and income streams.

Below are sure ways you can follow to be sure that you charge perfect prices for your rental units:

Seek professional assistance to get the perfect rent price:

To not take the decision alone. The following stakeholders have real information about that.

Landlords within the vicinity of your property. Engage them and get down to know how much they charge and how frequent they raise their charges.
Real estate agencies in the area of your locality, preferably, one with rental market information.
Related associations like clubs for landlords or investors in the real-estate niche. You can get great mentors besides growing your network with them.

perfect rent price
Look out for Listings:

Here you will have to undertake some research on property lists and prices attached to them. It’is preferable that you try as much to get listed prices and compare them with the actual revenues received from the rented properties.

Below are some of the lists you can find:

Craiglist-here you can get listings of properties similar to yours and see how much is being charged. Be aware that some of the online data may not be very accurate. is also another list you can check out. Your main target is to get the posts for related rentals and get a feel of the pricing. That way, you can get a better feel of tagging your price.
You may want to consider the fact that these lists are driven by parties who require some commission for their work.

Comparison of Actual Rental Data:

Here you will have to undertake some research. Keep in mind that you may encounter realtors as interviewees, but be keen to get the exact amounts the landlords get finally.

Explore tools like the Rentometer. This will give you good estimates of chargeable prices with confidence scores for each.

Conclusion(on perfect rent price):

Getting the perfect rent price to charge will be derived from several factors which you will have to consider. The locality and status are among them. Make good notes from the key stakeholders and make a keen review. The final figure should be an equilibrium, placing you in a prime position to attract and retain tenants based on your perfect rental property pricing.