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Post on LinkedIn Simple Steps To Create Your First Post

Simple Steps To Create Your First Post on LinkedIn

How To Post on LinkedIn?

Posting content on LinkedIn is easy.

With a LinkedIn account, that’s all you need.  The LinkedIn platform will put your content at close to half a billion prospective viewers, which are among your niche of professionals.

LinkedIn provides you a platform for you to scale up your business online. It gives you a more specific social arena to perpetuate your business requirements online.

A profile with up to date content mirrors the professionalism behind the profile holder. On this same note, your company may run a self-hosted website.

However, LinkedIn offers some handy platform by connecting you to numerous professionals across the globe. That’s for you to leverage your online presence.

For instance, your customers may know your blog, but they are not the specific audience to target for career openings.

Are you an online entrepreneur? Are you a content writer or a video content creator? LinkedIn is for you.

The platform ensures that you have a place to market yourself for 24 hours and 7 days a week, all year round. Do you have sample content? Post it on LinkedIn and have your clients come after you.

Here are the simple steps to Post Content on LinkedIn:

Log in to your LinkedIn account and ensure that you are on the Homepage.

  1. How to post on LinkedIn

Click on “Write an article”. If you are okay, you may prepare beforehand using any text editor and the same applies to getting your images ready. For your information, LinkedIn accommodates video content too.

The other point is that you are not limited to text and images. (Of course, it’s advisable to observe copyright content rules)



Add your image (Optional) Here, LinkedIn recommends that you maintain a good resolution of your images, preferably 698×400 pixels. The recommendation is for the good of everybody. Ideally, remember that you’re content viewers use Computers, Laptops, and mobile phones.

Fast Forward, Here’s the Last point:

Take advantage of the Footer element. It tells content viewers who you are. The Platform allows all users to view information about your content. If you place it strategically, it could be the only thing a viewer recalls about your content. That works to your advantage.